WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman talks boxing

By Mauricio Sulaiman

WBC President – Jose Sulaiman´s son – The Jose Sulaiman Champion´s Fund

My father, Jose Sulaiman, a son of an immigrant Lebanese father and an immigrant Syrian mother, grew up in Ciudad Valles, a small town in San Luis Potosi State in Mexico. He worked with grandpa Elias as his “gofer” since he was nine, and some of his friends were boxers. One memorable day he went to the boxing arena, The Palenque, mostly used for cockfight tournaments, and as he tried to enter the man stopped him and asked him to present his ticket. Since he didn´t have a ticket nor money to buy one, he was offered to participate in the “hors d’oeuvres” challenge. He accepted without knowing what it meant. Once inside they put him inside the ring, took off his shirt and put boxing gloves on him, and he was there having to punch another kid who had done nothing wrong to him. Don Jose always said that the fight was even, but he definitively won in collecting the pennies thrown into the ring because he took off his gloves and the other kid didn´t.

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