Why We Don’t Love Floyd Mayweather

003MayweathervictoryIMG_1590Isn’t it obvious? It is to me. It’s at the heart of his verbal bout with Brian Kenny. It boils over during his quarrel with Larry Merchant. Every dollar bill hurled at a camera lens, and every no-apologies, f%*@-you, contrived exhibition of brash bravado is coated in one non-sugar (Ray) harsh truth …

Floyd Mayweather wants your respect. Desperately.

He’s crying out for it. Lashing out. In the ring and out, with sharp jabs or barbed insults. He’s fighting for it.

But he has our respect, you might say. No. Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of our time. That is not said out of respect, but fact. Indisputable. Like his record.

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