Coach Mike Kozlowsky: fight or die!

WithTyson2004 Call Michael Kozlowsky! That advice was given to me not only wholeheartedly, but also seemed to be a very good one indeed: in New York I was looking for a man, who would be able to help me to understand a problem of young immigrants, aspiring martial arts athletes, trying to assimilate into our society. How would a teenager or a young adult – find the path of their own, to feel as comfortable as possible inside an environment – totally new, and not familiar to them. And those persons are clearly the most aggressive and spontaneous in their respectful generation. All right, I am on the phone. After some waiting, self-assured, slightly crackled voice answers me. He speaks with some obvious Russian accent – so, after I introduced myself, I switch to Russian too. My counterpart apologizes politely, and asked me to call back in ten minutes – because he needs to finish his recent session with his trainee. Of course – I’ll call later.

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