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Fists of Fury

The fight to educate card is great every year, a really positive event. some good action this year too, in the pro and amateur classes, all except for the DQ bout, one of the fighters clearly didn’t come to box, as he wrestled, head butted, mauled, and low-blowed his way to a DQ loss, then he stuck his middle finger up at the crowd and grabbed his genitals. classy showing at a charity event, in front of Boxing legends, and fans.
Dana Rosenblatt, Ray Mancini &Aaron Pryor as well as his son, were in good spirits, posing for pics and signing autographs with fans…all in all, a great night of Boxing, my hat is off to the people who put this event on, great venue, friendly security, drinks, food, &great fights. well done! Looking forward to next year.

Posted September 19, 2013 1:06 pm 

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