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Pac, Floyd versus different foes: What it means to the fans

About 92% of boxing fans would not spend money to watch the “Pacquiao-Bradley II” and “Mayweather-Maidana/Khan” out of PROTEST against square pegs for failing to make the long-awaited bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Who wouldn’t think of such possibility?

The result of ESPN Sports’ survey to determine which fight the fans want the most to happen corresponds with the outcome of all the other surveys on similar subject before and after that. The latest was the poll conducted by On The Ropes Boxing Radio just this week. It’s no different. Wow! A whopping 92% of those polled voted the “Pacquiao vs. Mayweather” to be the overwhelming choice and runaway winner.

This is THE opportunity for true aficionados and fans (casual and hardcore) around the world to express their inmost sentiment as they prove their sound mind concerning the plight of the sport today. And thereby correct what’s wrong with ourselves and boxing wherein sharks, cobras and vultures have been very much in control of the steering wheel to trip the gullible and the hitch riders for several years already.

So what do we do now?

Drive the Mafia in the sport remorseful by talking to them in their language – money. And equate them to what they equate boxing to – money. Hence, go watch the fights if you want – but DON’T dispense a single buck out of your hard-earned bread.

Hype is one thing. Substance is another. Media blitz does not automatically translate to high pay-per-view sales and overflow arena as shown in the first Pacquiao-Bradley, Mayweather-Guerrero, Mayweather-Hatton and the disastrous Pacquiao-Rios which, by the way, were all boycott-free fights.

The ball is well in the fans’ court. “People Power” will be considered a success if the people can make the upcoming fights of both Pacquiao and Mayweather fail by projection or expectation in pay-per-view buys and gate receipts. PPV numbers between 500,000 and 700,000 could be good enough for the people’s voice to be heard considering the greasy promotional clout and mammoth machinery of both camps, and the popularity of the rival duo that are scheduled to fight not against each other. But why not shout and scream by causing the numbers to read lower than 500,000?
This is historic. And this is sad for Pacman because his only fault is Top Rank and his being a “yes man” to Bob Arum.

The fans are steadfast and know what they want. They can discern “voices.” Most have the appreciation of what boxing ought to be as they have grown sharp eyes to see through the rear mirror, the machinations of Beetle clowns and Bentley frauds.

Pity them who know nothing about signs and canon on the road except bribing their way to the bank, or to the brink. And shame on those who understand no “reason” except by way of “Money-Talk.”
Heal thyself.

And so heal boxing.

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