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David Haye Wants To Be A Bad Guy!

By James Slater: David Haye has not given up on landing a big fight with WBC heavyweight king Vitali Klitschko – a fighter Haye says he thinks he can knock out – but he is also holding onto his dream of becoming a movie star.

For a while now, Haye has spoken of his desire to make it on the silver screen, and the 31 year old is currently on the lookout for a tasty bad guy role. Speaking with BANG showbiz, Haye said he feels he has the acting ability to be able to play a convincing “baddie” in a movie.

“For some reason I’ve always loved the big bad guys in films I watch, like Terminator,” Haye said. “If someone finds me a baddie to play I reckon I’d be able to pull that part off. I really want to learn to act, I’ve trained so hard for so many years that it’ll be interesting having to learn something all over again.”

So, can Haye, who managed to come across as a pretty convincing bad guy ahead of some of his big fights, convince on the big screen? Haye is certainly an articulate person and boxers have made good actors in the past – think Antonio Tarver in Rocky Balboa and, from further back, Max Baer in The Harder They Fall.

Haye also has the physique to be able to play an action role. We still want that Klitschko fight (many of us do anyway), but the next punches Haye throws might be of the make believe variety.