Online Matchmaking Tool Celebrates Second Anniversary


Game-changing fight finding service has become crucial tool for the business of boxing. While the average boxing or MMA fan may not fully recognize the importance of, to those in the business, in just two years’ time, it has become an indispensible tool of the trade. Designed as a resource for fighters, promoters, matchmakers, managers and agents, has revolutionized the often time-consuming and costly matchmaking process by maintaining a database of available fighters, as well as promoters searching for suitable opponents for their events and allowing them to contact one another, free of charge.. President and CEO Ron Resnick says he created the site in the interest of improving the combat sports. “The business of matchmaking bouts has an old, dirty past that has hurt the fighters and tainted the sport for many years — now that has all changed.”

What does is allow promoters to search out and contact the perfect opponents for their shows. “The promoters can register their event on our schedule, search fighters from all over the world by name, location, gender and weight class and then scan through the records looking for the opponent with the right experience level. And then once they find someone suitable, they can negotiate things like weight, purse, travel and booking fees through our private messaging system.”

Conversely, fighters, managers, agents and promoters can view the upcoming events schedule to find available fights. By simply clicking on “Propose Fighter” they can then submit a proposal directly to the event’s coordinator. And if an event has an opening for an additional fight, they may place a “bid for a slot” on the fight card.

To top if off, once an opponent has been selected, Fight Faxes can be ordered directly from, suspension lists can be verified and an extensive list of commission contacts and medicals required can be consulted.

“This is MakeAFight’s second anniversary and we’ve matched a countless number of fights in the United States and internationally,” continues Resnick. “I encourage everyone in the business to get registered and start utilizing this game-changing tool of the trade.” also provides easy and informative video tutorials for every process.

Visit today to join in the modern art of matching perfect fights for your fighters.

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