Sam Peter – “I’m The Only Real Heavyweight Contender”

samuel peterNew York, June 30 — There are contenders and pretenders, but knockout artist Sam Peter, is ranked in the top five by all major organizations, and is also universally recognized as the top contender. Now, Peter is on a mission.

“Sam clearly illustrated that he belongs with the heavyweight elite in his match against Wladimir Klitschko last year,” said his promoter Dino Duva. “Considering the many lethargic, non-exciting televised matches recently featuring so-called champions and contenders, Sam is the best heavyweight out there to put on a great show because of his electrifying punching power.” But now, the hard-punching powerhouse has his sites set only on meaningful matches that will ultimately unify the world heavyweight championship.

“Our mission is to have Sam fight only meaningful fights, beginning with his next bout, that put him in a position where every fight he has is the next step toward unifying the heavyweight title,” said Duva. “By 2007, the unification mission will be done and we will not be stopped.”