Ter Meliksetian vs Sergio Mora, Laila Ali-O’Neil Cancelled

31.03.06 – Cortes Sports and Entertainment, Inc. announces that Archak “Shark Attack” Ter-Meliksetian is set to enter into the ring with Sergio “Latin Snake” Mora on May 4, 2006 at the Aladdin Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mora, (the winner of “The Contender’) a versatile brawler with an average punch will have to be ready to face a tough opponent.. The Sharks big power punching style and reputation as a KO artist will be a challenge for the under trained Latin Snake. While Mora’s record stands at 17 Wins (3 KO’s) and 0 Loses, Archak’s record of 15 Wins (12 KO’s) 3 Loses should compel the Latin Snake into the gym to prepare for the onslaught by the expertly trained Shark Attack.


WBC Light Weight Championship Fight between Laila Ali and Gwendolyn O’Neil has been canceled or postponed. Both women, who had been training very hard for this fight, expressed great disappointment at the news. The WBC is unhappy at this turn of events. Everyone was excited at the prospect of seeing Laila and Gwendolyn get an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a world stage. Seon Bristol, Gwendolyn O’Neil’s manager, had arranged to fly in many important people from Guyana to cheer on their hometown Champion.

There is no word on what the next step is in terms of Laila’s defense of the WBC title; however, the WBC is confident that Laila Ali will defend her World Title at the earliest opportunity. The WBC will work with this promoter, or any others, and the fighters to see that a WBC Championship match occurs in a timely manner.