Roy Jones 100% ready for Antonio Tarver

31.08.05 – Roy Jones Jr’s advisor, Brad Jacobs, has dismissed a release by the WBC regarding the health and well being of Jones as grandstanding. “Almost a year has passed since Roy’s last fight (September 25, 2004 vs. Glen Johnson in Memphis), and Jose Sulaiman never once thought to pick up the phone and call Roy, Linda or myself to see how Roy was doing.. Now Roy is in camp, training as hard as he ever has, and none of us has time for these shenanigans.” Jones is presently in Pensacola preparing for the October 1 Tarver vs. Jones 3 IBO Light Heavyweight Championship bout, which will take place in Tampa, FL.

“Not only are they not involved in the sanctioning of the bout but they do not even rank Antonio Tarver, recognized by many as THE light heavyweight champion of the world, in their top 10,” said Jacobs. “Our only response is that following Roy’s last fight, he underwent a CT scan in Pensacola and it was reported clear by the radiologist. He has been deemed 100 percent fit and ready to fight.”