Lovemore Ndou re-signs with Goossen Tutor Promotions

28.02.04 – Leading super lightweight world title contender Lovemore Ndou today re-signed with Goossen Tutor Promotions in a long-term deal that will see their relationship span at least for the next two years. The multi fight deal will see Lovemore compete with some of the best in 140lb division in the USA. “Dan has put an enormous amount of faith in me and I intend to repay him with a world title,” said Ndou, from his Sydney home today. “I proved my talent against Sharmba two weeks ago in Atlantic City and can assure you that had I had anything more than 13 days notice prior to the fight to prepare, then I would have stopped him.”

“Once again, the deal has been negotiated enabling Lovemore to fight activity bouts in Australia and the USA in preparation for the premium fights,” said Ndou’s manager Stuart Duncan.

“We are very pleased to have extended Lovemore’s contract,” said promoter Dan Goossen. “I have always been impressed with Lovemore, even when he had two tough losses at the beginning of our relationship.”

Goossen-Tutor Promotions are now looking to match Ndou with the best fighters in the super lightweight division.

“Lovemore walked out of the ring against Sharmba Mitchell as the uncrowned champion,” said Goossen. “There is a lot of respect for him and quite frankly he is at the top of the 140lbs division based upon Sharmba Mitchell’s status.”