The Boxing Scene; Giving Thanks


27.11.03 – By Keith Terceira: Sitting here on Thanksgiving morning, I began to contemplate all the things I had to be thankful for in my life and just how to phase it for my prayer before dinner. As I counted all my blessings my thoughts wandered to my semi professional life as a writer. There are so many people who have assisted me in both my writing and in the sport of boxing that to call them all would consume the day. So, feeble as it may seem, let me thank all those who have made this year special in the sport of boxing.

I extend my gratitude to all the readers who pro or con respond to my articles, from your wealth of knowledge, your critique of my pieces and the ideas you pass on to me, you all inspire me to continue to explore, learn and write.

To the editors of,, and all the others who find the space on their sites to publish my drivel. Many thanks to you.

To Tom Donelson, Frank Lotierzo, Rusty Rubin, and Elisa Harrison, the readers have you to blame for dragging me out of self imposed retirement. God bless you all!

A special note to Rick Reeno, my partner in crime, may you and yours have a blessed holiday season.

For those fighters who on a daily basis sweat , train, and bleed for your families, your fans, and the media you are the heart and soul of the sport, without you we would be watching an empty ring. More people in this business should remember this simple fact. A special Thanksgiving wish that someday fighters worldwide will enjoy being more protected in the workplace and in retirement.

For the families of boxers who worry constantly for the health and safety of your loved ones, we send our strength , and our prayers.

Let us remember this day all the warriors in our armed forces that are spending this day away from family, friends and home. You keep us free to have a safe holiday in our homes. May all the gods protect you.