#GoldenContract fighters ready fror Saturday’s quarter-finals at The Brentwood Centre

Tommy Philbin travels down from Scotland full of hope

Some #GoldenContract fighters hope to be chosen rather than choose. Not Tommy Philbin.

The undefeated Scot (13-0, 4 KOs) is keen to pull a blue ball out of the bag and pick his opponent at Wednesday’s all-important draw.

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While he admits to not knowing a great deal about the visiting duo Serge Michel and Ricards Bolotniks, Philbin has hinted he has plenty of intelligence on domestic rivals Hosea Burton, Steven Ward and Liam Conroy and is earmarking one in particular.

Philbin said: “I’ve only really seen Conroy, Ward and Burton. I’ve actually kept my eye on Conroy since I turned over as a professional.

“It’d be good to pull out a blue ball on Wednesday and get to pick my opponent.

“Winning this Golden Contract would be a huge chance to change my life and my family’s lives because I can be a full-time fighter.

“At the moment, I have to work full-time and fit my training and family time around it so it’d be great to get a chance to go full time and more Lauren and the kids.

“I feel very ready for this. I’ve been training for a long time and I can’t wait to go in there and get down to business.”

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Tommy Philbin, the popular Edinburgh fighter – a former Celtic champion at super-middleweight – has secured back-to-back victories this year and takes his place alongside Steven Ward, Liam Conroy, Hosea Burton, Andre Sterling, Serge Michel, Ricards Bolotniks and Bob Ajisafe.

With the line-up now complete and the quarter-final fight night at Brentwood Centre looming large on December 14, Philbin is thrilled to be handed a huge opportunity.

Philbin said: “To be honest, it’s a massive surprise. I got asked if I would do it if the opportunity came up and I said ‘yes’ but with my luck I didn’t think it’d actually happen.

“I feel so ready for this. I’ve been in the gym since March and I’ve really been non-stop. I’ve just had the week off since my fight on the 14th so now I feel raring to go again.

“My weight is good and my mindset is spot on so I can’t wait to get it started!

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“It’s actually a massive opportunity for me to get my career going. It’s been sh*t for the last couple of years for various reasons and this gives me a real chance to show what I can do.”

The all-important draw for the tournament will take place on Tuesday, December 11.

English hopefuls Bob Ajisafe and Andre Sterling join Philbin, Conroy, Ward, Burton, Michel and Bolotniks are joined in Saturday’s quarter-finals at The Brentwood Centre – live on Sky Sports in the UK in association with Matchroom Boxing and on ESPN+ in the US in association with Top Rank.