Zach Parker Eyes Canelo Shot: “I Am A Tank At Super-middle”

UPER MIDDLEWEIGHT TANK Zach Parker is ready to explode back onto the scene and take on all comers across the 12st boxing battlefield.

The Derby bomber is preparing to return to war in July as he readies himself to capitalise on the WBO No.1 ranking he has earned over his 20 conflicts in the professional ranks.

The obvious target for his fistic grenades is the dominant three-belted world champion Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, who has embarked on a so far successful mission to completely unify the division.

Canelo, of course, has gunned down seven UK challengers over the course of his 59-fight pro journey to date, but Parker believes he possesses the ammunition to repel Mexican advances and succeed where British troops have been foiled in the past.

And he is planning to place himself on a war-footing with a show of force in London next month.

“Everybody is calling me a ‘Super Middleweight Tank’ so I have got to blast through everyone,” said the 27-year-old, who celebrated his birthday last weekend. “I need to deliver a performance that says ‘it is my time now’, 100%, and that is what I try to do in every fight.

“I want to make sure that I look the part in front of Frank (Warren) and all the fans who will be back by then. You have got to make statements and get people talking in boxing. There is no point being boring and knockouts are what I always aim for in every fight.

“I intend to put on a big performance in my next one and aim for a bigger fight by the end of the year. It is really good for me now after being inactive for a couple of years, now Frank has put me out there. It is what I have been waiting for and I thank him for it.”

In more recent times, Rocky Fielding, Callum Smith and Billy Joe Saunders have had a tilt at Canelo within the super middleweight limit, while Parker remains last man standing and undamaged goods awaiting his slot for a shot at the flame-haired phenomenon.

“That’s it, I am the undefeated one in Britain now and if it came to that fight I know I can give him a lot of problems and that is what I plan to do. He is obviously looking for the Caleb Plant (IBF champion) fight at the moment, but I am here waiting and ready.

“Now I have got the big promoter behind me it should be easier to make and I will do it whenever.”

From Matthew Hatton – who was the first from these shores to succumb to Canelo in 2011 – to Saunders a matter of weeks ago, Parker suspects that none of the seven vanquished Brits carried enough one-punch clout to stem the flow of one-way punching traffic.

“No, not really, you could make a case for Callum Smith, but I have got the worst style for Canelo with being a switch-hitter who can bang with both hands. Everyone who fights or spars me says they have never been hit as hard before and Canelo would be in for a rude awakening if we do fight.

“The others who have taken him on use a lot of different shots, but mine is one-shot power. I have got power like Deontay Wilder, that one-punch KO sort of power. I can knock anyone out.

“You can’t just keep running from Canelo, you’ve got to hit him and keep him occupied. If you don’t hit him back and get his respect he will keep just walking you down. That is what he did to Billy Joe and the others in the end and I wouldn’t allow it.”

Should Canelo, indeed, be engaged in September and Parker is confined to the waiting room, there are several targets on the home front he would happily point his tank at.

“There are a few out there and I want to be a bigger name in Britain so any of Rocky Fielding, John Ryder, Chris Eubank – any of them! I just want to keep myself out there and be busy.

“Those fights could be made easily and I would win easily as well.

“They wouldn’t be able to live with the power. I have knocked out 14 of my opponents and hurt the rest. If you look at the names I’ve mentioned, none of them are big punchers and are all little pot-shotters who I am sure I could overpower.

“Now I have turned 27 I am coming into my prime so it is the right time for me to get these big fights. With Frank and all my team behind me that is what we are going to do. We will take it a fight at a time, but hopefully the big ones get made soon.”

Zach Parker returns to action on July 10th at the Royal Albert Hall and said: ““I’m looking forward to getting back out on July 10th and delivering another exciting performance and another explosive knockout live on BT Sport.”


Super-Middleweight Zach Parker insists he will be more than up for the task of toppling Canelo when his shot comes around and says the Mexican superstar will never have been in with a ‘tank’ like him.

The 20-0 Derby banger burned the midnight oil in the early hours of Sunday morning taking in the unification battle between Canelo and British WBO belt holder Billy Joe Saunders, a clash which came to a close after eight rounds due to eye socket damage inflicted on the two-weight world champion.

The previously unbeaten Saunders was always going to have a big job on his hands against the supersized multi-weight champion and, as suspected, elusivity could not trump raw power in Texas.

However, Parker feels Saunders gave a good account of himself at the home of the Dallas Cowboys and exposed a few minor discomforts in his celebrated opponent.

“I thought it was a good fight and Billy did a lot better than I thought he would, but size was obviously against him at super middleweight,” considered the 26-year-old ranked at No.1 by the WBO. “He did show that Canelo still doesn’t like southpaws and movers.

“I had it at almost level before it was stopped. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

“I said to a lot of people that it would be a better fight than the Callum Smith one because Smith hasn’t got the movement or slickness. He stands there in front of you where he can hit and be hit. He waited for punches and tried to come back but you can’t do that with Canelo because you’ve got to have that movement and make it awkward for him.”

Parker confirmed that he viewed the fight through professional eyes with a focus on what he would do if he gets to share a ring with the mighty Mexican. He insists he would bring size and power to the party.

“I watched closely and if Billy Joe had a bit more size on him and a bit more punching power he could have done even better. With extra power he could have kept him off a bit and made it a different fight.

“You need that power at this weight. You can box, but that won’t take you the whole way, you need to hurt and push him back a bit.

“Billy’s punching power wasn’t bothering him at all and he was just walking through it. He got him in the end.

“That is what I am looking at myself. I am a lot bigger than both of them at 6ft 2” and I am still growing as a lad. I am a tank at super middleweight and when I punch I make sure it hurts them, I’m not gonna be tip-tapping or nothing like that.

“I have said it to a lot of people because they don’t know what I’ve done with coming under the radar a little bit, but my trainer will tell you I hit like a heavyweight.

“I am just going to keep getting my wins up, keep getting my name out there more so I can get in with these bigger names. If people don’t know who you are they will not put a lot of money up for fights, so I need to keep pushing my case.”

So is the key to overcoming Canelo throwing bombs and being prepared to go to war?

“Yeah and be slick with it, but when you do hit him you have to make it count. Every shot counts when you are in with Canelo. You have to have that bit of spite behind you and not just tap him.

“I am more confident over my chances, especially after the other night. Most super middleweights are not as slick as me and I’ve got a really awkward style with being a switch-hitter. Watching that made me a lot more confident because I could see holes. He doesn’t like people moving and likes people to stay in front of him like Callum Smith did.

“I ain’t gonna stand there and just trade with him, I can box and then trade when I want to trade. Stick and move, that is what you’ve got to do. Tactical warfare.”

Parker knows that, despite his top of the charts status with the WBO, his name is not in the frame and he is likely not head of the queue for a tilt at the 30-year-old veteran of 59 professional fights, who weighed in at under 10 stone for his debut back in 2005.

The now WBC, WBA and WBO champion wants to complete the jigsaw by adding the IBF belt to finalise his domination of the division, so Parker will have to bide his time and top up his experience for if Canelo retains possession of his titles.

“Yeah he wants the Caleb Plant fight, which will be a hard one as he’s not going to just stand there either because he is a slick boxer. I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing, keep getting my resume up against top fighters and wait for my time.

“They don’t want to put it on the line for nothing, they want the big name fights, so I’ve got to get my name bigger and keep making noise here in Britain.”

And when his time does come, Parker knows just the place where he would like it to happen and intends to avoid being the eighth Brit to take an ‘L’ to the same man.

“It would be amazing if he wants to fight in England and, if he did want that, Frank is the man to make it happen. Pride Park would be filled out and they would love it.

“He has beaten seven already, but he ain’t boxed Zach Parker yet! A different sort of boxer.

“I wouldn’t be towing the line wherever we fight. People think you’ve got to go over there and thank him, whereas I would go over to take what I have been working for all my life. I would be the same as Billy in that I wouldn’t go over and give him all this respect.

“I would respect him as a boxer but that is where it stops and you’ve got to do your own thing. You can’t be thankful for the opportunity, you’ve got to take it for yourself.”