Zac Pomilio Joins Liveco Boxing as Exclusive Matchmaker

Industry Veteran Brings Championship Caliber Experience to Support Liveco’s Vision

Liveco Boxing is proud to announce that boxing veteran Zac Pomilio has joined the team as theirexclusive Matchmaker, bringing nearly 20 years of matchmaking and promotional experience to the firm.

Tagged with the moniker Zac “The Attack” Pomilio by a boxing writer, Pomilio brings enthusiasm, insight, and experience to Liveco’s team. Pomilio’s understanding of all angles of the sport stems from stints as an amateur boxing official; as a boxing writer for the Philadelphia Daily News; and his years of matchmaking and promotional work on both sides of the country.

“Pomilio brings an enormous talent to Liveco,” said Ron Sanderson, CEO, Liveco Boxing. “His energy and all-around knowledge of the fight game is a tremendous asset for us. He understands what we’re about at Liveco and the experience we want to provide to our fighters.”

Pomilio trained as a fighter in his teen years at the historic Philadelphia Boxing Club before attending Temple University to earn a degree in Radio/Television/Film.

Boxing, however, would never be out of his sight. After college, he pried his foot into the offices of Philadelphia promoter Art Pelullo at Banner Promotions where he got a taste for the promotional side of boxing.

Pomilio would work his way into the top tiers of the fighting business, matchmaking fights in Nevada, New York, and Florida, including matching a fight between Julio Diaz and Herman Ngoudjo in Primm, Nevada for Liveco founder, Ron Sanderson.

“We were so pleased with Zac’s work in Primm,” Sanderson said, “that we knew he would be an integral part of our team, scouting fighters and matching world-class cards for Liveco.”

After spending about six years in Nevada, promoting and matchmaking at the highest levels, the 46-year-old currently calls Philadelphia home and has never tired of the sport. He says the rush of the fight still gives him chills. “It’s like when I was a kid. The excitement and the drama of a great fight is a thrill.”

Embracing Liveco’s ‘Fighter First Philosophy,’ Pomilio said, “We give our Liveco boxers a fair shot in the ring by setting up strategic yet competitive matches, with opportunities to fight at the highest level.”