Zane McNab vs. Daniel Maxwell on September 24

On September 24th at ABA Stadium, BTW Promotions with be promoting their first boxing event called Fight 4 Charity, with Nailini Helu going against Ange Davis for the first ever NZPBA Women’s heavyweight title in the main event. However the most talked about bout on the events card is Daniel Maxwell vs the unknown Debutant Zane McNab.

The born and raised Hamiltonian, Zane McNab, is not exactly unfamiliar to the boxing scene.

“All my childhood my step father was into boxing. It was one of the big things we all sat down and watched on the weekends. When I was 13 I had two mates at school that were boxers and they suggested I come along to see if it was for me. I loved it and had my first fight after Three weeks in the gym.”

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On his debut as an amateur back in 1992, he successfully defeated his opponent in the third round by knockout. A few years later at the 1995 New Zealand Amateur Nationals, at the age of 16, he went for his first and only New Zealand amateur title in the Junior division at Light Welterweight, winning it in a disappointing unopposed situation.

“I was actually disappointed about an unopposed, but it had been the trend that year. People pulling out because I was in the tournaments. I had to step up to the next weight division to get fights for a while there.”

The year after McNab fought at the 1996 New Zealand Amateur Nationals, stepping up to Intermediate level. Unfortunately Mcnab came second, losing against none other than Robbie Bryant. Bryant is well known for winning not only multiple Amateur titles but also peaking as high as 7th in WBA and winning the Australian Victorian State Title, IBF Australasian Title and the WBA PABA title back in 2011. Robbie Bryant originally from Masterton is Brother to current Interim NZNBF and IBO Asia Pacific Cruiserweight Champion Lance Bryant.

In 1996, McNab was forced to retire from his amateur career due to his gym closing down.

“I was working as a hammer hand, building houses all day and then my Gym shut down as my trainer, Bill Miles, retired from training. At the time there wasn’t any other Hamilton gyms and i didn’t have the time or resources to go to Auckland to train. My last fight was actually my silver place NZ title against Robbie Bryant in 1996.”

Now the just turned 38 year old is wanting to return to boxing, being more focused then he has ever been before.

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“I’ve always loved boxing and the mental and physical rewards from the lifestyle that comes with it. For that last few years I have felt like I have been stuck in the same rotation of wake up do nothing of importance and go to sleep. It’s felt like stagnation. I knew that the boxing was what drove me when I was younger and I longed for a return to that mindset, lifestyle and clarity of living. I’m not a spring chicken anymore and I wanted to make sure I was happy with what I’ve done, where I’ve been and how I’ve progressed in my life. What I’ve found interesting is that as soon as I decided to do this and progress in this way, everything has fallen into place. I have kicked my bad habits of smoking and drinking, lethargy and junk food. I’ve had a total mind and lifestyle 180 and I have not faltered or regretted it in one bit.”

Zane McNab will be making a massive debut against Daniel Maxwell. Maxwell has fought a lot of big names in his career, including:

Anthony Taylor (NZPBA & WBU World)

Beau O’Brien (NZPBA)

Bilal Akkawy (IBO Youth World, WBC EPBC & WBA Oceania)

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Bowyn Morgan (NZNBF)

Cairo George (Two Division NZNBF & IBO Asia Pacific)

Cameron Hammond (WBA Oceania & WBC EPBC)

Gunnar Jackson (Two division NZPBA & WBO Oriental)

Kris George (WBA Oceania)

Kyron Dryden (IBO Youth World)

Leki Maka (NZNBF)

Ivana Siau (NZNBF)

Mark Lucas (Interim WBA – PABA)

Ricky Murphy (NZPBA)

Robbie Bryant (WBA – PABA & IBF Australasian)

Rocky Jerkic (IBO Intercontinental Champion)

Maxwell has fought for nine New Zealand National Titles, winning the NZPBA title once and defended it twice. Maxwell is looking to win one more New Zealand title before retiring within the next couple of years.

McNab is looking is hoping to achieve as much as he can in his pro career, know at his age he won’t be having as long as a run as some of the younger boxers.

“I want to show myself that I’m capable of anything I put my mind to, that when I’m driven and dedicated to what I love then nothing can stop me. Right now I’m totally focused on my debut, but there is absolutely nothing stopping my mindset from taking me to the top, to a Champion status and beyond. The future is in my hands and I will not let it slip through my fingers.”