Sulaimán visits president of Uruguay

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman visited the President of Uruguay, Dr. Tabaré Vázquez, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

President Vázquez, who is serving his second Presidential term, was a keen amateur boxer in his youth. He spent more than an hour at a meeting with Mr. Sulaiman, who was accompanied by the Uruguayan international promoter Sampson Lewkowicz, as well as the President of the Uruguayan Amateur and Professional Boxing Commission (CUBAP) Sergio Marquez, and the Director of the Punta del Este Convention Center, Roberto Berrondo.

They addressed the creation of a national plan for boxing to benefit children and youth, and find a constructive way to get ahead in life and combat the evils that commonly threaten society, including drug addiction, alcoholism, vandalism, and the abandonment of physical exercise due to the influence of smartphones and other popular electronic devices.

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CUBAP will celebrate the finals of the First Amateur Boxing Tournament “José Sulaiman” in which more than 500 boxers participated and the four winners will be earn the opportunity to train in Mexico.

President Vázquez joins the large list of famous people and great personalities who`ve participated in our beloved boxing sport, including Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, Mexico’s Presidents Adolfo Lopez Mateos and Jose Lopez Portillo, as well as Cantinflas, Charles Chaplin, and so many more.

TITLE Boxing Pledges to Fight Back against Parkinson’s

Percentage of sales to benefit Rock Steady Boxing

Lenexa, Kan.–Starting March 29th and continuing throughout the month of April, TITLE Boxing will donate5% of sales fromselect TITLE Platinum products to directly benefit Rock Steady Boxing, an Indianapolis-based non-profit organizationthat uses sweet science-inspired exercise to combat the effects of Parkinson’s. Rock Steady serves participants at any and every stage, from newly diagnosed to those who’ve battled for decades.

“Science-backed statistics and testimonial after testimonial show the very real impact these workouts have on people’s lives,” said Douglas Ward, Marketing Director at TITLE Boxing. “You can’t help but feel inspired and want to be a part of it.”

Research completed by the University of Indianapolis, Butler University and Cleveland Clinic shows high intensity exercise focusing on body movement, balance, rhythm and core strength can positively impact daily living and actually slow the disease’s progression.

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Rock Steady Boxing was founded in 2006 by Scott C. Newman in Indianapolis after he himself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Newman, a former county prosecutor, who eventually lost his ability to write and type,now throws confident combination after confident combination.And as recently documented in HBO’s The Fight Game, his is one of the many Rock Steady success stories featuring participants improving their abilities, taking control of their lives and standing up to Parkinson’s, and TITLE Boxing is honored to play a role in the fight.

For more information, please contact Brett Ater, PR/Social Specialist at TITLE Boxing, at