WBC News: Solis vs Thompson

March 26, 2014

WBC International Championships Chairman Mauro Betti of Italy reports that the open scoring used in the March 22 fight between WBC International heavyweight champion Odlanier Solis and challenger Tony Thompson in Tekirdag, Turkey, was a great success. Announced in Turkish and English after the fourth and eighth rounds, the judges’ official scores added drama and excitement for the fans in the arena and watching on television. And with both fighters and their corners knowing the scores, they were able to make adjustments at critical times and rally. Thompson won the title with a very close split decision.

At the end of the fourth round, the announced scores were 39-37, 39-37, 40-36, all for Solis. Thompson clearly knew he had to step up his pace, and did – he fought with greater determination and urgency, won the fifth and sixth rounds on all three scorecards, then won the seventh and eighth rounds on two scorecards. After the eighth round, the scores were announced as 77-75, 77-75 Thompson, 78-74 Solis.

Thompson won the ninth round on two scorecards to extend his lead, but Solis, knowing he was behind, came back and won the 10th round on two scorecards. The 11th round was a three-way split – with one judge scoring for Solis, one for Thompson, and one even – then Solis won the 12th round on two scorecards.

The final scores were 115-113, 115-114 Thompson, 116-112 Solis.

Social media was involved with this fight in a very special way, as well. There were worldwide comments about the scores on Twitter after the fourth and eighth rounds, and the fighters and their corners understood the importance open scoring had for their fights.

Open scoring was also used with great success in Puerto Rico this month, and will be used in Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, and Thailand during championship fights in April.


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