WBC & BDB: Hamzaoui vs. Amasheh Decision Was Never Changed!

In a stunning turn of events, the French Boxing Federation (FFB) belatedly exposed the news releases issued by the team of former WBF womens world flyweight champion Raja Amasheh and the German Boxing Federation (BDB) as blatant hoaxes and leaves the female German fighter looking embarrassed and with egg on her face.

Amasheh was defending her title, together with the WBC’s “Silver” belt, on Oct. 11 last year in Saarbrücken, Germany and had to concede the titles together with her undefeated professional record to French challenger Amira Hamzaoui by split decision.

At the conclusion of the fight two highly experienced WBF judges outvoted an inexperienced and new WBC judge. As a result, Team Amasheh protested the verdict and the WBC agreed by revoking their sanctioning and returning their “Silver” belt to Amasheh.

Furthermore, Team Amasheh claimed that the WBC had overturned the decision, ruling the bout a No Contest in order to retain her undefeated status. The BDB conned boxrec.com by even reporting this untruth, while the World Boxing Federation turned down Amasheh’s request of “re-scoring” the fight.

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The false claim of the judges’ decision being overturned made worldwide headlines in the internet and many German newspapers also fell for the hoax and printed this story spread by Team Amasheh.

However, while only a few journalists showed interest in the truth, the FFB now published the official response of the WBC to their protest (in which they banned the WBC from operating in France) – and it clearly demonstrates that in fact the decision in favor of Hamzaoui was never overturned by anyone. Thus Hamzaoui remains the winner, but the victim of a devious manipulation in which Team Amasheh played a central role.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman confirmed in his letter (send from the office of the WBC Executive Special Counsel attorney Alberto A. Léon) already on Dec. 10, 2014 unmistakably:

“The German Boxing Commission (BDB), which is the entity that sanctioned the championship fight, declared it a No Contest. At the outset it is important that you understand that the local commission was the authority that actually reversed the result. The WBC just acknowledged and accepted the local commission’s decision. In fact, the WBC had ordered an immediate rematch soon after the championship fight, and before the local commission reversed the result.”

This is in full accordance with the WBC rule 2.3., which clearly forbids the WBC to touch the result if they revoke sanctioning of a contest. This is also what Sulaiman confirmed to a journalist, whom he told in writing:

“The WBC was notified by the local boxing authority (…) about the change to a No Contest.” It hardly is possible to find more clear-cut words to expose the plot of Team Amasheh.

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However, at the same time, BDB president Thomas Pütz, via the BDB’s lawyer, confirmed in the ongoing court case in Germany that the BDB never made a decision with regards to the verdict of the judges and not even was the recipient of a protest by Team Amasheh.

Amazingly, Pütz even had the nerve to lodge a sworn affidavit to the effect that he blames the WBC to be the entity who changed the result from SD Hamzaoui to NC. One may speculate now on BDB’s Pütz’ true role in this conspiracy, to which extend he is familiar with boxing rules and whether Pütz is aware of the criminal liabilities of not telling the truth under oath.

While the Kiel country court will decide on coming Monday if they grant Amira Hamzaoui an injunction forcing the BDB to admit the truth – that in reality nobody ever changed the result of the contest – the whole case will surely remain in the hands of lawyers and possibly even law enforcement agencies.

Marcus Bartscht, attorney for Amira Hamzaoui, stated: “Now that the truth is out and the manipulation has been made public, I will sit down with Amira to consider her options. We may well go to a civil court hereafter, because it was the BDB who advised boxrec.com to change a result which was in effect never changed.”

While the sport of boxing cannot be termed a winner in this whole affair, Raja Amsheh and her team are now disgraced – as sour losers and having triggered a disgraceful scheme to make the public believe that her proper loss came as a result of wrongdoing by the WBF judges, instead of just that her opponent simply beat her in the eyes of two of the three people who really mattered.

Her positive achievements – and Amasheh was a two-weight WBF world champion! – will unfortunately now be overshadowed forever by the image of a fighter and her trainer who tried to manipulate herself out of a loss by detestable actions.

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