Vaughn Alexander back on track

Back on the block from a ten year bid. Vaughn Alexander is making his transition from prison to civilian life. Coming back to the harsh streets of St. Louis is quite depressing, but the struggle is making Vaughn even more hungry.

Vaughn express “I stay prayed up and happy to smell fresh air again. I’m way more humble ,but I don’t want the boxing audience to think I’m soft. I’m so dam hungry that once I step in that ring All I got to say, Off With Your Head”. That’s Vaughn hash tag #OffWitUrHead. He is extending his hand to professionals willing to ease his journey back to the top. “I had all the time to reevaluate my mistakes. As I man and father. I have no choice, but to make this happen”.

2K18 promise to be a good year for Vaughn. He states, “Looking at my brother, former champ Devon Alexander, I’m so proud of him. he supports me to the fullest, but I have to carry my own weight.” The elder of the two Vaughn thinks back to where he could have been if he didn’t make the wrong choices in life. Before he left the streets he had a close relationship with the St.Louis rapper, Yung Ro. He followed Yung Ro independent success from prison (charting Billboard 2x). “I saw what lil bro did on his own so when I hit the street. I asked bro to give me that push he had.” Yung Ro was more than happy to jump on board to assist the fellow St. Louis native. Yung Ro says “That’s what I do. I’m straight honored that Da Animal (Vaughn nickname) recruited to the team. I live for this and it’s helping my brand too. I believe dude has the skills to destroy whoever and whatever gets in his way.”

Again Vaughn is extending his networking hand out to the boxing professionals for that adrenaline push and possible tell his story.

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Vito Mielnicki, Jr. wins United States Junior National championship

This past week in Salt Lake City, Utah, Vito Mielnicki, Jr. captured the United States Junior National championship in the 145-pound division.

Mielnicki of Roseland, New Jersey moved up an unprecedented 10 weight classes where he competed at 106-pounds at the 2017 tournament, and defeated the number-two seed, Adam Calixto of Tampa, Florida in the semifinals. In the finals, Mielnicki defeated top seeded Obed Bartee-El of Huntsville, Alabama.

With the title, Mielnicki gained a spot in the 2018 United States Junior National Team, Where he will be heading to train with teammates on February 4th at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado to get ready for international competition.

Mielnicki is trained by Ahmad Elliot and Willie Moses, as well as strength and conditioning coach Fred Caruso.

Mielnicki is the son of the GH3 Promotions CEO Vito Mielnicki.