Vietnam Boxing: Fight Card For June 13

VSP Boxing gym will be conducting a public workout for many of the Victory 8 fighters and other local talents in Ho Chi Minh City this Saturday. This will be the second such event sponsored by VSP, which attracted an audience of 30,000 viewers in May. VSP Boxing gym has stated plans to hold similar style events monthly, in an effort to create competition for top level boxers as they wait for international travel and boxing events to resume. They forecast that in the future, many of Asia’s top fighters will fly into Vietnam for the quality sparring opportunities. The “open to the public” sparring day has already generated a lot of excitement from fans, and VSP are predicting that the workout will generate over 100,000 views online.

The VSP Boxing “Spar Wars” will start around 2pm Saturday (Vietnam time), and can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.


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Venue:  VSP Boxing Gym

Date:     Saturday June 13 2020

Time:    10am – 5pm         Main sparring from 2pm


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Bout 1 – 6 rounds


Olimjon Nazarov (Uzbekistan) 53.5kg pro  25 wins 14 KO  versus


Matchroom inks Zhang Zhilei

Tat Hoang Thanh 53.5kg amateur – two rounds

Luong Nguyen Cong Khai 55kg amateur – two rounds

DJ Duy Duy 57kg pro 3 wins – two rounds


Victory 8 says: Olimjon Nazarov is an extremely talented southpaw and the most experienced pro fighter in Vietnam. He has superb balance, operates off a tight defence, and is great at making angles to create opportunities and make opponents miss. His 14 KO record tells you he has dangerous power. He is getting 6 rounds straight here against three good and very different styled fighters, so it is a good test for him.

Tat Hoang Thanh is shorter and from a lighter weight division. He is a busy fighter with fast hands, and he will need them, because in two rounds, he will have his hands full with Nazarov. He is young and brave, and a very good HCMC boxer that will benefit from this experience. His best attribute is that he does know how to land shots, so Nazarov cannot afford to be lazy with his defence and counter.

Luong Nguyen Cong Khai is a tall and attacking boxer. He has experience in sparring Nazarov, and he will do well in his two round stint. Khai has really good hands and when he has the jab working, it is really good to watch. He will definitely score points on Nazarov, but his weak areas still require work. He often stands too much in front of his opponent, he can stand too tall, and often his lack of head movement sees him get hit and give up points. Khai fought here in May, and he has worked hard to address some of these weaknesses – expect to see a vastly improved fighter against Nazarov.

DJ Duy Duy is 35 years old, has an eccentric style, but has really good boxing instincts that will make these last two rounds interesting. Duy has only recently come back to training, so is only doing two rounds today. But he is a southpaw – and he KNOWS SOUTHPAWS! Duy normally works off a low punch rate and looks to lure opponents into counter punch traps, He is 3 and 0 as a pro – all KOs!  Duy is experienced and dangerous, and in spite of how good Nazarov is, DJ Duy will make him work hard these final two rounds. If Nazarov fatigues or clocks off early, watch to see DJ Duy surprise him and land heavy. This will be a great finish to the six rounds.


Bout 2 – 4 rounds


Bui Trong Thai 55kg amateur Army champion)   versus


Tat Hoang Thanh 53.5kg amateur – two rounds

Luong Nguyen Cong Khai 55kg amateur – two rounds



Victory 8 says: Bui Trong Thai is Army champion and a national team member. He has really creative attacking hands, and he knows how to create and maintain pressure. He is a high workrate fighter, and after appearing to tire in his May sparring here, expect to see a vastly improved version today. This guy has claims to being one of Vietnam’s best fighters, especially around the 53kg class. He is slated to appear at Victory 8 against filipino Lorenz Ladrada, an unbeaten pro with 7 wins, and we expect Thai to give him a helluva fight – so the Army boy is quality!


Tat Hoang Thanh comes in for his second stint of two rounds. Expect the action to be fast and furious, with both fighters landing lots of shots. Bui Trong Thai has the slight size and weight advantage. Similar to his opponent, Thanh favours attacking positions and operates off a decent workrate, so in spite of the difference in weight, plenty of fast hands and landed shots by both fighters is likely.


Luong Nguyen Cong Khai comes in for his second appearance. He will do the final two rounds against Thai, and being a little more rested, expect this to be a war! They sparred recently, and Khai did well early but was dismantled as he began to tire. Khai will want to make amends here, and you will see a lot fitter and aggressive version of him here today. These final two rounds will be competitive to say the least, and you are going to see two warriors leaving nothing in the gas tank at the end of this. This will be a torrid 4 rounds for the army champion Bui Trong Thai, and if you haven’t seen him before, expect to walk away impressed by a future star of Vietnam boxing.



Bout 3 – 4 rounds


Nguyen Ngoc Hai  67kg pro  3 wins  versus

Adones Cabalquinto (Philippines) 72kg pro  25 wins 16 KO


Victory 8 says: Nguyen Ngoc Hai has had some injuries and absences from the ring, but is a gifted fighter and is now back hard at work. He has an interesting pro record – 3 wins and 3 draws. All the fights were against Koreans, and is unfortunately the case with Korean bouts,  the scoring was a disgrace. Hai’s wins were emphatic – 2 KO and the other an absolute bashing of his rival to earn a majority points decision. The three other fights highlight much of what is wrong with boxing today. They appeared to be overwhelming wins but were scored as draws! In effect, Nguyen Ngoc Hai is a pro with a 6 and 0 record! He is an orthodox fighter, can be a bit hot and cold, but is very experienced. Nguyen Ngoc Hai was one of the very first fighters chosen for the inaugural Victory 8 back in 2018, but unfortunately, was a late withdrawal. It is great to see him get his campaign back on the road here against the daunting Adones Cabalquinto.


Adones Cabalquinto is a southpaw beast from the Philippines. He is a pro with an amazing 25 wins, and with 16 KOs, the guy named “the Prince” has some seriously heavy hands. Cabalquinto’s weight class is 67kg welterweight, but he has had some time off, and at present is a solid 72kg, so will be significantly more heavy and powerful than Hai in this spar. Add to that his experience and ring acumen, it makes for a real handful for Nguyen Ngoc Hai here. These two boxers are vastly different in style and dimension, but what is in common is that this bout marks the starting point of a comeback for each of them. Both fighters will use these four rounds to re-establish some timing, get the feel of the ring again, but expect these technicians to land some decent shots also. This will be a really good test for Nguyen Ngoc Hai, who does handle southpaws quite well, and it will give us a good guide as to whether he can be a force in Vietnam boxing once more. The Prince will get a good workout here also, and gives him a chance to dust off some cobwebs, as he eyes off potential fights in 2020.



Bout 4 – 4 rounds


Nguyen Manh Cuong 77kg amateur (national champ, Sea Games medal) versus

Bui Ngoc Phuong 79kg amateur


Victory 8 says: National super middleweight champ Nguyen Manh Cuong is a young and improving fighter. Cuong is tall and rangy, and operates off a conservative yet decent skill set. He isn’t known as a risk taker, but by the same token, he doesn’t offer up easy points either. He sparred at VSP in May, and did well against the King Truong Dinh Hoang, who is the current WBA Asia super middleweight champion. TDH had mentioned often that he regards Nguyen Manh Cuong as an emerging talent for Vietnam. This young fighter just gets bigger and stronger looking every time we see him, and is definitely getting more assertive with his skills. He placed silver at the 2019 SEA Games behind freak pinoy Eumer Felix Marcial, one of the most highly touted potential pros on the planet. Marcial will likely be pro after the Olympics, meaning Nguyen Manh Cuong is a solid favourite at the next Games if he maintains his improvement. How do we nurture and improve a good young talent like Cuong? We throw him talented opponents, in this case, the rugged Bui Ngoc Phuong!


Bui Ngoc Phuong is a shorter stature but heavily built fighter. He is an amateur- but this unheralded guy is very good. He knows how to build and apply pressure, and he will bring it in bucket loads here. He will have zero regard for Nguyen Manh Cuong’s reputation, and he will do his best to keep driving forward while slipping his opponents jabs. This will be an entertaining  four rounds, and there will be no love lost here. This should prove to be a great workout for Nguyen Manh Cuong, with the national championships approaching in late July. Phuong will try and bully Cuong, and he will have some good  moments, but expect him to tire late as this is his first serious bout of 2020. This guy is one to watch – he will improve A LOT off what you see today.



Bout 5 – 4 rounds


Vu Thanh Dat 63.5kg amateur/pro (national champ, Sea Games medal) versus

Dinh Hong Quan 63.5kg pro  5 wins  2 KO


Victory 8 says:  Cold as ice Vu Thanh Dat – no smile, not even a facial expression, goes about his work like a violent sociopath. Dat has won youth titles, national titles, is a SEA Games medallist, and made a pro debut in Korea last year where he scored a round one KO. One of the most balanced and classy fighters in Vietnam, Dat is still young, and his emotionless style means that he rarely loses focus, and knows how to position for the big shots. Vu Thanh Dat has had two solid wins at Victory 8 over very rugged fighters Jino Rodrigo (Philippines) and Emmet Brown (Australia) Both fighters are good pros with a come forward style, and iron chins. To an extent, Dinh Hong Quan has similarities to both those fighters. Vu Thanh Dat is a very economic puncher that maintains a solid defence, and his ring acumen always positions him perfectly to land heavy counter punches. He is one of the most impressive fighters in Vietnam today, and certainly has lots of improvement. He also looks infinitely better suited to the professional arena, where his economy and power is better rewarded.


Dinh Hong Quan is a former youth champion and looks a really good prospect. He has gone pro, and has shown decent improvement at every outing. His last win in Cambodia was no doubt his best to date, the wicked KO victory taking him to 5 wins with 2 KO. His professional weight class is 63.5k, but expect to see a near 70kg version today. Quan is a solid build, and we expect that he will probably transition to 67kg welterweight when he fights   in the pros again.


This is a great bout for both boys. Dinh Hong Quan is already a solid pro, but will need this workout today. Vu Thanh Dat will appreciate the strong competition here, but expect him to find accuracy and range as this bout continues, and it’s likely that he will dictate terms today.



Bout 6 – 4 rounds


Nguyen Van Duong 57kg amateur/pro (national champ, Sea Games medal)   v

Abdurasul Ismoilov (Uzbekistan) 63.5kg pro 8 wins


Victory 8 says:  Nguyen Van Duong is the hottest property in Vietnam boxing. The national champ scored great wins in two Victory 8 events, before gaining silver behind a Thai legend at SEA Games 2019. He parlayed that good performance by going to Jordan and stopping both  the Australian champion, and next his SEA Games nemesis, to earn a spot for Tokyo 2021. Nguyen Van Duong is a smart but power laden boxer that LOVES to destroy opponents, and whilst better suited to pro style fighting, he will do great in Tokyo next year. It speaks volumes for the 57kg Viet’s power that he is doing four rounds with a TOP quality 61kg opponent here. And not just any opponent!


Abdurasul Ismoilov from Uzbekistan is just a beautiful boxer to watch. He has superb balance and footwork, really knows how to cut the ring off and limit his opponent’s options, and operates with a really tight defence. He is a southpaw pressure fighter, but he is also GREAT at counterpunch. And he is magnificent on the inside. Ismoilov has a superb pro record of 9 wins, and his experience will be a great leveller for NVD here. The Uzbek boxer is great at changing angles of attack and retreat, so watch for this master to effortlessly go from southpaw to orthodox here, and back again, if it suits his purpose.


Wow – what can you say? This is a dream match up. Nguyen Van Duong is young, heavy handed and super confident and on the rise. And he is much faster! But there isn’t much Ismoilov hasn’t seen, and expect to see Ismoilov make NVD pay if he gets too impatient to earn his shots here, Duong is also slightly more vulnerable to the southpaw stance, so a really good learning spar for him. NVD is a young lion, he is excitement plus – always great to watch! Ismoilov is the perfect foil here as the lion tamer!



Bout 7 – 6 rounds


Nguyen Van Hai 61kg amateur/pro (national champ,SEA Games medal) 4 wins versus


Abdurasul Ismoilov (Uzbekistan) – two rounds

Ravshanbek Shermatov (Uzbekistan)  61kg  pro 5 wins  2KO  – four rounds


Victory 8 says:  Nguyen Van Hai is most likely the best all around fighter in Vietnam. Aside from boxing, he has knowledge in kick, muay thai, mma and other variations of combat sport. At 61kg, he is perhaps one of the physically strongest fighters in the world, and his experience gives him a very relaxed and economic style. He is a multiple national champion, SEA Games medallist, and has won twice at Victory 8. He has a 4 and 0 pro record, and his next outing will be for the WBC Australasian title against the highly rated Francis Chua. Hai is great at evasive movements and ring position, and he is adept at both attack and counter punch disciplines. His task here is tough – 6 rounds in total, both against hired killers from Uzbekistan. He does his first two with Ismoilov, then finishes off with four torrid rounds against the mercurial Ravshanbek Shermatov.

Ismoilov needs no introduction. He will come into this warm, having just finished four rounds with Nguyen van Duong. This will be a great opener for Hai – Ismoilov will be looking to keep his workrate solid to get value from his six rounds, and Hai maybe a little slow to start here. Both these guys sparred previously at VSP sparring day in May, and it was high quality action from both. Expect to see Ismoilov dominate early here, and then Nguyen Van Hai to find the mark later in the second round. A job well done by Ismoilove, he will be happy to pass the baton here to countryman Rav Shermatov.


This will be great!, Ravshanbek Shermatov comes in fresh after Hai has done two hard rounds with Ismoilov. Shermatov is a former Uzbekistan national team member and now a good young pro. He has 5 wins and looks to have plenty more in store. He has a very confronting style – he is a highly aggressive southpaw that closes distance extremely well. Whilst not as experienced as his two Uzbek team mates, he makes up for it with calculated violence which will make this a crazy energy spar. Shermatov has good boxing nous, and his attacking style often has him bending the rules, and strong refereeing will be required in this bout, But it will also be a valuable experience for Hai, who is perhaps not used to the rough house tactics that can be part of pro boxing. Expect Hai to receive some torrid treatment in this bout, and it will be easy for fans to see why Shermatov should earn the monicker “the Terminator” – for sure, he is exciting to watch and anything can happen. Nguyen Van Hai is all class , and strength and power, so expect to see him stay in control late and perhaps give the hot headed young Uzbek some anxious moments of his own!