2017 USA Boxing Men’s Elite National Championships

Following a year of highly-competitive national events, US amateur boxers are set to compete in the 2017 USA Boxing Elite National Championship, December 5-9, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With up to six spots in each division already secured, based on the results of the 2016 Elite National Championships, 2017 Elite Western Qualifier and 2017 Elite Eastern Qualifier, the remaining spots have been filled based on the wild-card application process to complete the field of elite boxers.

A total of 88 boxers applied for a wild card qualification with 35 allocations awarded to finalize the Elite National Championships brackets.

“With this being the first year of the new elite athlete selection process, we are excited to see the top talent in the country compete to represent Team USA in 2018,” said Matt Johnson, USA Boxing High Performance Director. “We are looking forward to a high level of competition during these championships, and are confident that the increased competitiveness at the national stage will translate to further improvement of USA’s performance internationally on the road to Tokyo in 2020.”

Leading contenders include bantamweight Marc Castro (Fresno, Calif.), light welterweight Delante “Tiger” Johnson (Cleveland, OH), welterweight Quinton Randall (Katy, TX), bantamweight Duke Ragan (Cincinnati, OH), heavyweights Cam F. Awesome (Lenexa, KS) and Jared Anderson (Toledo, OH), middleweight Troy Isley (Alexandria, VA), light welterweight Freudis Rojas, Jr. (Las Vegas, NV), super heavyweights) Nkosi Solomon (Brooklyn, NY) and Richard Torrez (Tulare, CA.

Below is the final list of elite boxers, in order of ranking, who will contend for the title of national champion:



Nicholas Scaturchio – 2016 National Championships
Efrain Sanchez – 2016 National Championships
Xavier Rodriguez – 2017 Western Qualifier
Timothy Jarman – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Jordon Aguilar-Sanchez – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Salaam Gonzalez – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Stephen Acosta – Wild Card Selection
Jonathan Rodriguez – Wild Card Selection

FLYWEIGHTS (114 lbs.)

Fernando Martinez – 2016 National Championships
Guillermo Gutierrez – 2016 National Championships
Michael Angeletti – 2017 Western Qualifier
Saleto Henderson – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
John Atiles – 2017 Western Qualifier
Charles Williams – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Jonas Persaud – Wild Card Selection
Timothy Longoria- Wild Card Selection


Duke Ragan – 2016 National Championships
Shon Mondragon – 2016 National Championships
Dominique Crowder – 2017 Western Qualifier
Marc Castro – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Isaac Martinez – 2017 Western Qualifier
Raymond Ford – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Jesus Vasquez – Wild Card Selection
Daniel Bailey – Wild Card Selection


Aaron Perez – 2016 National Championships
Bruce Carrington – 2016 National Championships
Jemiah Richards – 2017 Western Qualifier
Keyshawn Davis – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Tyler Herberger – 2017 Western Qualifier
Kevin Montano – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Joseph Macedo – Wild Card Selection
James Browning – Wild Card Selection


Freudis Rojas – 2016 National Championships
Charlie Sheehy – 2016 National Championships
Israel Rodriguez – 2017 Western Qualifier
Delante Johnson – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Ismael Gutierrez – 2017 Western Qualifier
Jeremy Hill – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Bryson Nuckles – Wild Card Selection
Cristian Roman – Wild Card Selection


Quinton Randall – 2016 National Championships
Brian Ceballo -2016 National Championships
Marcus Davidson – 2017 Western Qualifier
Jaquan McElroy – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Anthony Franco – 2017 Western Qualifier
Sean Charleston – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Josniel Castro – Wild Card Selection
Azeez Muhammad – Wild Card Selection


Troy Isley – 2016 National Championships
Javier Martinez – 2016 National Championships
Austin Williams – 2017 Western Qualifier
Rahim Gonzalez – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Joeshon James – 2017 Western Qualifier
Nikita Ababiy – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Kiante Irving – Wild Card Selection
Miguel Hernandez – Wild Card Selection


Sean Hemphill – 2016 National Championships
Antwan Jones – 2016 National Championships
Khlalil Coe – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Jorge Tovar – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Atif Oberlton – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Darius Fulghum – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Miguel Teo – Wild Card Selection
Abel Gonzalez – Wild Card Selection


Cam Awesome – 2016 National Championships
Jesus Flores – 2016 National Championships
Adrian Tillman – 2017 Western Qualifier
Marquise Williams – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Gaspard Pierre – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Deangelo Leachmen – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Jared Anderson – Wild Card Selection
Demek Edmonds – Wild Card Selection


Nkosi Solomon – 2016 National Championships
Daniel Bean -2016 National Championships
Michael Graves – 2017 Western Qualifier
Ramel Clasablanca – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Eric Brigs – 2017 Western Qualifier
Leonid Grachiv – 2017 Eastern Qualifier
Richard Torres – Wild Card Selection