United States Congress recognizes the heroes of humanity awarded by the WBC

Since 2014, the World Boxing Council has been proud to be a member of the US Congress Mental Health Task Force, under the guidance of Representative Grace Napolitano, an exceptional woman who has dedicated herself to improving the lives of veterans and their families, advocating for union, providing sustainable water solutions to Southern California, and in a very special way, improving mental health care for all, as sadly every year, nearly 800,000 people die from this cause, and many others try to commit suicide.

Each suicide is a tragedy that affects a family, a community, or an entire country and has lasting consequences for those close to the victim. Suicide does not respect ages and is the second leading cause of death among young people between the ages of 15 and 29.

It is for this reason that the WBC has for many years embraced the Congresswoman’s work and initiative to work together to fight versus teen suicide and educate people about bullying and drug addictions, especially in our youth.

During the month of May, the entire WBC family proudly wears the green ribbon to support mental health awareness, so it is not a surprise, but a great privilege, that Representative Napolitano, upon learning of our Heroes Campaign for Humanity was instantly willing to support and be part of this great initiative. Its main objective is to recognize all those heroes who with dedication, strength, and courage have helped during the Covid-19 pandemic, often risking their lives to help and protect others.

From now on, those who receive the “Hero of Humanity WBC” Medal will also be awarded a beautiful personalized certificate by the US Congress that recognizes them as members of honor.

An atypical time that has made us reflect and understand that there can be many things that people differ during this stressful time, but people who help others, diversity, sisterhood, and brotherhood is something that we ALL agree upon.

Thank you, Congresswoman Napolitano, for supporting our program!