Under Dawgs Boxing: Border Wars

On November 12th, a host of out of town fighters will invade Colorado territory. Fortunately, they’re just here for a few days and not adding to our ridiculously, over crowded daily commute. None the less, they’re here for business and bragging rights for their home states, both New Mexico and Nebraska.

In the Main Event, Kenny Lemos fights for respect, revenge and pride when he rematches Ronald Baca.

In August, Baca dropped Lemos, hard, with a left hook before winning a spilt decision over the beloved hometown fighter. It was an exhausting battle fought in a phone booth. After the knockdown, Lemos would recover and make a late run. In the final moments of the fight, Lemos gutted Baca with a body shot. Baca literally threw up his mouthpiece. It wasn’t enough for Lemos though on the scorecards. A rematch was immediately agreed to on both ends only this time, Kenny Lemos would put up his Rocky Mountain Boxing Regional Title in the 8 round clash.

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Baca recently defeated Manuel Otero in New Mexico to improve his record to 8-2-1. His team is highly confident heading into the rematch and they plan on leaving the mile high state with the title strapped around Baca’s waste.

Lemos has been hard at work at the House Of Pain under the watchful eye of Steve Mestas, who is an underrated trainer here in Colorado.

The rematch is a guaranteed slobber knocker as both fighters rely on power. There will be no feeling out process as they have a full 6 rounds of battle already instilled in their rivalry. This has the feeling of a trilogy if Lemos can get the W this time around.

Gregorio Perez 3-1-1 returns to action after his action packed draw with Ruben Jacoby in September. It was a grueling, blood bath as Perez and Jacoby layed the wood onto each other. A rematch was offered with only Perez willing to accept, while Jacoby recovers from his cuts. Perez is becoming a fan favorite with his high pressure style and Calvin Klein model aspirations.

Perez will face Emilio Hernandez of Nebraska. Hernandez has traveled to Colorado twice, losing to Manuel Lopez and Donovan Estrella.

Both fighters are inside fighters so this should make for an exciting fight. Hernandez’ fight with Lopez was a fight of the year candidate so we expect him to push Perez when they face off over 5 rounds.

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Marco Ambriz of Grand Junction will make his debut against Nebraska’s Diego Nolasco 0-3. Nolasco was last seen losing a spirited decision to Johnny Jarabek.

It will pit another Colorado vs Nebraska battle to Under Dawgs III: Guard Dawgs.

Also traveling from New Mexico will be heavyweight Randy McCarthy (1-1-1). He’ll face Colorado’s Shawn Cooper (1-1) in a 4 round heavyweight fight. Cooper picked up his first win in September with a first round knockout. Cooper, along with Lemos will defending Colorado’s big boy reputation.

Under Dawgs Boxing presents, Dawgs Fights III: Guard Dawgs on November 12th from The Pinnacle Event Center. Doors open at 1pm, first fight is scheduled for 2pm. There are currently 7 contracted fights, 33 professional rounds, for the event including an 8 round main event title fight. For ticket information contact Chris Morris 720-231-7724 or Eric Duran 720-251-1729 or visit TicketsWest.com