Unbeaten Sherrell dominates, Suska-Rudolph-Hutchinson roll to victory!

An enthusiastic large crowd gathered Thanksgiving Eve for Pinnacle Boxing Championships fall show at the classic throwback Teamster Temple venue in Pittsburgh’s trendy Lawrencville neighborhood. Despite the strict PA commission, the Pinnacle guys aren’t afraid to take chances and once again proved that tonight. The nearby Conn-Greb Boxing Club had the most dominant presence on the card with 7 fighters (3 amateur and 4 pro).

The pro folleys began with Pittsburgh fireman & lightheavyweight Sam “-The Butcher” Suska taking on Michigan’s 0-3 Donte Adams. Cagy MMA veteran Adams, who was coming off of 2 questionable MD losses, came out fast and wild. Unfortunately, so did ‘the Butcher’. Both fighters traded evenly in the early stanza, as one caught the other with hard blows. At the the midway point of round 1, Suska landed his trademark overhand right that stung Adams. After the 1st, Trainer Mike McSorley settled Suska down, screaming for a body attack which Suska promptly delivered. Continuous jabs downstairs took their toll on the fading Adams. After the 2nd round, Adams retired on his stool citing an arm injury.

The Integrity Fighter Management crowd favorite Suska rolls to 5-3 (3 KOs).

McKenna: This fight will change my life

After a late pull out by South Carolina super middleweight Coy Lambert, Pinnacle scrambled to find a last minute opponent for extremely popular debut Gregg “The Lumberjack” Rudolph. Rudolph, a chiseled MMA veteran with only a few amateur boxing fights, boldly agreed to go up 20lbs to fight heavy handed southpaw (4-5-1) Lawrence Blakey. Blakey, coming off of a suspect August 20th DRAW to (6-0) Melvin Russell in Kentucky, had foiled the also foiled the debut of Shane Cojnacki in April. Would Blakey be a repeat debut spoiler? Not exactly…
The Lumberjack came out fast, landing 1 and 2 punch combinations while popping out at safe angles. While his power is well respected, Blakey, is not known for high volume punch output. In the 2nd, the Lumberjack continued his assault with Blakey rarely punching. In the 3rd Blakey rallied at times, but it was Rudolph who stayed busy and continuously pushed the action. Rudolph continued to stay busy in the 4th and looked as though he had 10 precipice pro fights. The judges had it for Rudolph via MD win. My scorecard had The Lumberjack winning all 4 rounds.

Another Integrity Management prospect. Gerald “G5” Sherrell, took another step up the ladder by facing rugged 5-2 southpaw Ray Terry. For 4 straight rounds Sherrell stalked Terry, ripping him with counter right hands and powerful a uppercuts. Seconds before the bell sounded for the 4th, Sherrell landed a crushing body shot that hurt Terry. In the 5th, Sherrell landed one of the longest flurries of consecutive blows that I have seen in a while. It was quite surprising that referee Chris Riskus did not giveTerry an 8 count at this time. In the 6th, Sherrell continued his head-body, body-head assault which solidified the UD victory.

In the main event, 10-2-4 Bill Hutchinson faced off against 6-1 (5KO) Jairo Fernandez Vargas from Mechanicsville Virginia via way of Mexico. Upon closer look at Vargas’s record, it appeared to have been padded against mostly debuts. However on this night, Vargas came to fight and snapped the jab well all night. It wasn’t enough to tame the never tiring Hutchinson. Hutchinson used solid feints to back his opponent up and was busier throughout in the UD victory