UK News: Akeem Ennis Brown; Sean McGoldrick; Kieron Conway

He already boasts an English title and a WBC world youth crown but Akeem Ennis Brown is determined to stay completely level-headed and goal-focused.

Widely tipped as one of the most talented young British boxers around, ‘Riiddy’ (11-0) returns on the Matchroom show in Cardiff this Saturday as he begins his journey towards even bigger prizes.

Most 22-year-olds might fight the increasing attention and temptations distracting at least. Not this man.

Brown said: “If things were to ever go to my head, it would mean I’d have to have won the biggest prizes. Even then, I don’t think I’ll make a wrong step because I want it too much.

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“The English and the WBC youth titles are nice but they’re just little things to look back on as stepping stones when I’m old. So are the next titles.

“To be honest, until I hold all four world title belts in a single weight division, there’s no chance of me getting reckless. I’m aiming to write my name into history as a pound-for-pound great.

“I think we’ll be moving quickly in the next 12 months. When I turned pro, I said I’d be world champion inside two years. I’ve since learned it doesn’t work like that but I still want tomoving as fast as possible.

“I want British and Commonwealth titles next and then straight toEuropean level. You only live once and if people called me for a world title shot right now, I’d take it. Too many people wait too long and I’ve got youth on my side.

“I’ll do as much as I can while I’m still young. I like to do things the hard way and go a different route. I know I’ve got loads yet to learn but I’m not about the waiting game.

“This show on Saturday, my opponent better be expecting some magic because that’s what I bring. This is my first time in front of Eddie Hearn and on Sky Sports so I want to make an impression. I actually feel a bit sorry for my opponent.”

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Joe Cordina tops the bill at Cardiff’s Ice Arena, which will also welcome MTK Global’s Sean McGoldrick back to Wales for the first time in his professional career.


Boxing in Wales has a bright future and the country’s Commonwealth Games gold medallist Sean McGoldrick is beaming with excitement.

The Newport starlet is looking to continue his impressive progress as a professional when he fights on the Matchroom card in Cardiff on Saturday – live on Sky Sports – and will follow that up with a slot on MTK Global’s first ever Wales show in the same city on September 7.

McGoldrick said: “Every boxer wants to box in their hometown on big shows. It’s what you dream about as a kid.

“Apart from that Anthony Joshua bill, which is kind of separate and a phenomenon in its own right, Wales hasn’t had many massive shows of late.

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“For these events to happen and for me to be part of it rather than a spectator like I used to be is very special.

“Hopefully this show is a huge success and well-attended and then the ‘snowball effect’ will mean interest increases and the shows keep on coming here.

“We’ve got some great fighters down in Wales and withthese kind of fight nights being put on, it’s a chance for everyone in the region to gain recognition for the hard work they’ve put in.

“You’ve also got Akeem Ennis Brown from over in Gloucester fighting on the bill on Saturday and him and I are MTK Global team-mates who want to be figureheads driving south-west boxing forward.

“The talent andcalibre of fighter is here already. It’s just they haven’t been given the platforms on which to shine. With Akeem on the rise and MTK Global now involved, hopefully the whole thing will push on.”

McGoldrick and Brown are part of the Matchroom show live on Sky Sports this Saturday – headlined by Joe Cordina.


Fast-rising light-middleweight Kieron Conway is eager to show the brutality that belie his “pretty boy” looks when he fights on Amir Khan’s undercard.

Northampton’s Conway (8-0-KO3) has been handed a slot on the Matchroom show in Birmingham on September 8 and has always felt he belongs on the big stages.

Now, the 22-year-old knows, it’s time to prove it.

Conway said: “I’ve always been known as a poser and a bit of a pretty boy. That is what it is and if it helps me gain exposure, so be it. It doesn’t mean I can’t fight – I absolutely can.

“I always thought I’d get to this stage young. I’ve always wanted to be on these big stages and that’s where I see myself from now on. I think I’m an entertainer and something the people want to see.

“I want to fight for the English title very soon but then at the same time, I know I have to do things right andmake steps at the right speed. My last fight was a little frustrating and showed I can’t get ahead of myself.

“I feel like there’ll be a lot of people coming down to watch me on this show. The last fight was a Friday night in London so some of my supporters couldn’t make it in time. I even paid for some train fares myself!

“In myhometown I already sell about 250 tickets so I’m hopeful there’ll be plenty of noise behind me for my first big show.”

Khan clashes with Samuel Vargas as the headline act of the show, which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.