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The Renaissance of Italian Pro Boxing

The lack of sponsors and tv coverage has been the problem of professional boxing in Italy in the last 14 years. While in the 1990s Italian boxing promoters had no problem finding sponsors and tv networks paid a lot of money to buy the broadcasting rights, since the year 2000 the situation got worse and worse and today the companies which sponsor cards are just a few and tv networks pay peanuts (some of them are avalaible to broadcast the fight, but don’t want to pay for that).

To solve those problems the Italian Pro Boxing League was created in 2010. Mr. Carlo Nori has been involved in the project from the start and now that he has been elected president he has the power to do what he considers necessary to improve the situation of professional boxing in Italy.

That’s what Mr. Nori said: “The IPBL has already started to find sponsors for the Italian promoters. When we talk to sponsors we sell ads inside all the cards promoted in the country, we give the sponsors the chance to invest in a sport which operates for 12 months a year. Same thing for the tv networks. The IPBL talks to the promoters to convince them to promote only the number of shows which can be absorbed by the business world and by tv networks. There cannot be and there won’t be two shows in the same day or too many shows in the same month. We already distributed profits for more than 1 million euros every year. Under my presidence I hope the we shall increase that number.”