Taylor – Serrano DAZN Press Conference Quotes & Photos

Katie Taylor – The amount of media we have had to do all week was huge. I’m sick of talking about myself but it’s been an amazing week so far. This is definitely very different than how I started boxing when I was eight or nine years old. Like Eddie said, I had to pretend I was a boy to get fights. Women’s boxing wasn’t even a sanctioned sport in Ireland. Now here we are many years later headlining MSG, the most iconic venue in boxing. Making history as the biggest women’s boxing match in history is just incredible. This is all of the sacrifice that I have been working for, for sure.


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The fact that this is going to be a sell out on Saturday night, there is a great appetitive for female fights and this is very special. It’s the best versus the best and it’s just a great boxing match. This isn’t just the best female fight you can see right now – it’s the best fight you can watch right now, male or female.

I don’t train to lose any fights. I train to win. I’m going to step in there confident that I will come out victorious. The best part about this fight is being able to inspire the next generation. This fight on Saturday night is going to inspire a lot of young girls and that to me is the best part about this.

Amanda Serrano 

It’s been a long time and it’s finally happening. Now I’ll shine thanks to all of you guys at Madison Square Garden. I couldn’t ask for a better place to make history once again. Sitting here I made history. I won my golden gloves here at the Hulu Theater. And I made history on DAZN with you becoming a seven-division world champion and I plan to do the same thing at the big garden. It’s my first time there. I shine under pressure.

One of my goals is to become undisputed champion and she has that and I’m going up, once again, two divisions to fight one of the best fighters in the world.

It’s been an amazing long journey getting here to fight Katie Taylor. Timing is no better than right now. I am so looking forward to Saturday.

We are probably the two nicest fighters. There is no bad talk between me and Katie Taylor because the fights are won inside the ring, not outside. We don’t need to talk bad about each other.

Our accomplishments got us where we at right now and we are making history together. No matter what happens on Saturday night, this is for the fans, women in general, and women in boxing and women’s boxing is only going to grow more.

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Jessie Vargas

I want the bell to go so I can punch this guy down. I’m looking forward to that moment. I’m here to talk about boxing. This is my main career. This is my livelihood. I’ve been boxing since I was 8 years old. How can anyone question it?

I love what I do and I’m great at it. That’s why I continue to stay on the top, top 10 in the world. This Saturday night I will knockout Liam Smith as I said before.

I’m not here to shy away. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m here to fight. I’m gonna knock him out and I’m ready for it.

Liam Smith

When Jessie pulled out last time, they said wrap yourself in cotton balls because you’re not dropping this fight. I’m happy Jessie’s fans need to needle it back a little bit, but I’m very excited for this.

I say what I feel, and I do feel that I can be the first one to stop Jessie, especially at 154. 154 is my division.

Once the fight starts and it gels, it will gel into a very good fight. I fully believe I will take over.

I feel like Jessie is going into politics now, he’s got one foot out the door. I will give him his other foot. I will give him his exit.

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Franchón Crews-Dezurn 

When I win this fight, it’s already written, thanks to all the people around me. Elin is a great fighter. Leading up to this fight, Katie and Amanda, it’s the best of the best.

The difference between me and Elin – she’s a soccer player turned boxer. I’ve been boxing for over half of my life. I ain’t gonna lose to no half town boxer. And it’s all gonna go down on April 30.

Elin Cederroos

It’s an honor to be here at MSG and I’m the first Swedish boxer to come here… Ive been ready for such a long time now.

Galal Yafai
Fighting at MSG in my second fight is a dream come true. I learned how small the gloves were and how it was walking into a small gym to fight. I’m here just to win and to look good.

Miguel Cartagena

It’s a great approach for where I’m at in my career right now. I’m super excited and I had a really good camp. I’m ready to show.

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Austin Williams

I’m very thankful for Chordale Booker because you don’t always find fighters who want to put their undefeated on the line.

Nothing comes close to the things that I have sacrificed for this sport and y’all are going to see that.

Chordale Booker

We’ve been waiting for a fight so that’s what we are moving to. I’m ready to fight anybody and make my dreams come true. And that’s what is going to happen on Saturday. It’s my time. I have put in my work.

Skye Nicolson

I heard yesterday that this is my third fight in 57 or 59 days, so I am very active and want to show what I’ve got.

Katie and Amanda have been trailblazers for women’s boxing. They have paved the way for my generation, and I hope I can pave the way for the next generation.

I’ve got a lot of respect for my opponent. I think she’s a great fighter and she’s going to come to fight and come to win. I’m excited. I want to be in a real fight. That’s when you’re going to see the best me.

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Photos: Taylor And Serrano Light Up New York

Fight week for the historic clash between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano began in style as the pound-for-pound greats visited the Empire State Building – which will be lit in their honor on Saturday night as they clash at Madison Square Garden in New York, live worldwide on DAZN.

Taylor and Serrano, the pound-for-pound #1 and #2 fighters of the world is one that will not only make boxing history, but women’s sports history. MSG has hosted thousands of fights through its illustrious years, beginning more than a century ago on July 17, 1882; now, 140 years later, this matchup finally marks the very first time two female fighters are headlining a combat sports event at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’.

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The pair went face-to-face for the first time in fight week at the Empire State Building on Tuesday afternoon, but first flipped the switch on the replica of the building to show how the iconic skyscraper will be decked out in colors to honor the pair, with a mix of Irish and Puerto Rican colors.

“The atmosphere is always electric at MSG,” said Taylor. “You can almost feel those iconic moments from the past when you are there. There’s going to be a lot of Irish fans in the building, I think it could easily be a 50-50 crowd with a lot of Amanda’s fans too, so it’s going to make for an amazing atmosphere.

“You think of Madison Square Garden, and you think the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier these kinds of fights. It’s years and years later we’re still talking Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier kind of fights. I think years and years later from this fight people are still going to be talking about Katie Taylor versus Amanda Serrano.”

“Being a Latina from Brooklyn, I’m excited to say, ‘I’ve made it’,” said Serrano. “I’m fighting the main event at Madison Square Garden! I’m making seven figures, a young Latina from Brooklyn. I never thought it could happen.

“I’ve never fought at MSG; I did a tour there recently and then we did the press conference there; I was in awe of it, and I am so honored to be fighting here. I made history at the Hulu Theater by becoming seven-weight World champion and I won the Golden Gloves there too – it’s full circle now being able to be headlining in the big room and following some of the greats.”

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There’s a star-studded undercard to whet the appetite before the main event as Jessie Vargas and Liam Smith meet in a must-win battle at Super-Welterweight and there’s more undisputed action on the card as Crews-Dezurn and Cederroos decide who is the top dog at 168lbs.

Olympic Gold medal star Galal Yafai makes his American debut and defends his WBC International Flyweight Title against Miguel Cartagena in his second pro fight, Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams is in a tough test with fellow unbeaten Middleweight Chordale Booker, Reshat Mati is always popular in his home city and the ‘Albanian Bear’ meets Joe Eli Hernandez over eight rounds, Australia’s Skye Nicolson fights for the second time as a pro against Shanecqua Paisley Davis over six rounds and Light-Heavyweight talent Khalil Coe makes the short trip from Jersey City to face William Langston over six.

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