Bruno Vifuavilli reflects on Joel Brunker victory; Steve Gago sets sights on IBF Pan-Pacific title

Bruno Vifuavilli reflects on Joel Brunker victory, eyes Luke Jackson and names at both Featherweight and Super Featherweight

The new IBF Pan-Pacific Super Featherweight Champion “The Master of Disaster” Bruno Vifuavilli is eyeing up another big challenge after successfully dispatching of Australian standout Joel Brunker via a unanimous decision victory in his last outing.

Vifuavilli, who shares a training base with some of Australia’s most prominent rising stars in brothers Andrew and Jason Moloney as well as a former opponent and rising Super Featherweight Billel Dib, opened up about his victory against the highly rated Brunker.

The Tanzanian native said, “Winning this title was a dream come true for me, but let me know it is just the start of a special journey.

“Joel Brunker is a world class fighter, and I believe I have proved that I am on that level now, as I felt I dominated the fight. I boxed when I wanted to box and had a war when I wanted to have a war. Joel is a great man, and I want to thank him for the opportunity.”

Vifuavilli has now established himself in the world top 20 at Super Featherweight, a division that is lighting the world boxing scene up currently with great fights such as Tevin Farmer vs Jono Carroll in our rearview mirror and possibilities of Farmer clashing with the excellent Floyd Mayweather endorsed standout Gervonta Davis. Bruno discussed what he wants going forward.

He said, “I am 23-years-old and fearless. I will fight anyone at Featherweight or Super Featherweight. I want someone to come and try to take my title from me. If they see me as an easy way to break into the world rankings come and try, I will beat them and keep improving my rating.

“I want to fight Luke Jackson if that fight was available. I was offered that fight and our team accepted but it did not happen. It is a real fight and he is a great fighter and I am sure we would put on a great fight that the fans would very much enjoy.”

Bruno’s manager Tony Tolj opened up on his charges Vifualivi options now going forward and reflects on his excellent performance.

Tolj said, “I thought Bruno was exceptional against Brunker. It was a dominant but excellent win against a top fighter in Joel Brunker. My friend Cicillio Flores from Oxnard says iron sharpens iron. Bruno spars with the likes of the Moloney twins, Billel Dib and Furkan Demirkaya and this work is what has upped his level and it showed against Joel.”

Tolj continued, outlining his plans for Vifualivi going forward, “Bruno is in his early twenties and after that performance. We want to fight the best and if anybody who is rated above us in the ratings wants the fight, we will take it with open arms.”


Perth’s undefeated Welterweight standout Steve Gago has much to look forward too, as he tops the bill at the coveted IBF convention in Macau, contesting the IBF’s Pan-Pacific title as he looks towards breaking onto the world scene in quick fashion.

Gago has an unblemished professional record so far as a professional, opened up at the opportunity given to him to box at the prestigious IBF convention.

He said, “Firstly thank you to my manager Tony Tolj at Dragon Fire Boxing for making this opportunity a reality for me.

“As a boxer, you always want to be recognised by the governing bodies, so fighting at a convention is the ultimate. I can’t wait to put on a show for the IBF representatives and hopefully showcase my skills well enough, win the fight and emerge with a high world rating following it.”

Gago will contest the Pan-Pacific regions title at the Macau convention, and the Perth native opened up about his preparations prior to his big opportunity.

Gago said, “Training is going perfectly. I am always in the gym, sparring up and coming talent like Jackson England who is going to be a champion going forward, and experienced former world champions like Lucas Browne. I couldn’t ask for more training wise and that is showing in my performances.”

Every fighter works towards being the best in their country, and then the best in the world. Gago is no exception, as, under the guidance of Dragon Fire Boxing, he has plotted a way to the pinnacle of the sport.

Gago elaborated, “I want to be recognised as the best fighter in my weight class in Australia, which means everything to me. I have an experienced Filipino opponent in the opposite corner in Macau, and I know that I will have to be at my best to prove I am the best Welterweight in Australia and the Pan-Pacific region.

“I am not looking past this fight by any means, but my plan is to take on the world starting at the IBF convention in Macau. I will fight anyone and I know that anyone that is put in front of me I will beat and I will beat them in entertaining fashion.

“I am a no-nonsense fighter. I come to fight, and that is what not just boxing fans but general sports fans want to see the world around. My manager Tony Tolj will deliver me the fights that sports fans will be entertained with and I will continue to work towards becoming a world champion starting at the IBF convention in Macau.”