Spencer Fearon to lead the new MTK Global Foundation

MTK Global, the world’s foremost fighter management agency launch new charity giving programme to streamline and continue the philanthropic work that has been at the core of the organsation since its formation.

MTK Global have always believed in helping people achieve their goals and have assisted many organisations and individuals across sport, health, homelessness, youth development, rehabilitation, education, community and so much more and with the launch of MTK Foundation aim to grow their involvement and support in the non for profit arena.

“This is such an exciting development for MTK Global and one that is of personal importance to me. I’ve always been a firm believer in helping those less fortunate and assisting people in achieving their dreams – just look at all the personal successes our fighters have had with MTK Global, winning titles and belts all across the world. If we can spread this positivity and aspiration through our global reach and help bring communities closer together, then that is the biggest win we’ll ever achieve. Boxing has always been a community sport, thus it’s important that we can give back and support the communities that have supported us.” Said MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan on the announcement.

Former prizefighter turned boxing pundit and motivational speaker Spencer Fearon will lead the MTK Global Foundation.

Fearon – also known as ‘Mr Knowledge’ – featured on the BBC’s British Bout Of The Year after his thriller with David Walker in 2003 and became a gym owner while managing British and world title challengers upon his retirement.

After his Hard Knocks promotional company received industry awards for innovation, Fearon has excelled as a Sky Sports pundit and boxing historian – leading the Toe2Toe podcast to a global audience of more than 1m.

Fearon said: “The MTK Global Foundation aims to give everyone a healthier life. Within that is the word ‘heal’. We have to heal mindsets and change paradigms by taking things from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

“I’m looking at people being affected in communities. We have to become unified. There are many who don’t have opportunities and we need to get them those opportunities.

“Also involved will be youth worker Chris Preddie OBE – the youngest ever recipient of an OBE and Michael Pusey MBE of Peckham BMX, with whom we sponsored bikes for the Team GB Olympic squad.

“Furthermore, we have stars from the music world. Rapper Lethal B has pledged his support and poet/musician Akala is running great workshops and projects it will be an honour to help provide support for.

“It’s not about saying we’ve done this or that, though. I had a conversation with MTK Global’s CEO Sandra Vaughan and these are people who genuinely want to help.

“I’ve helped at schools and community centres before and sometimes they couldn’t pay me. Now, with the backing of MTK Global, we can bring it all on to a bigger platform and get more help out there.

“In schools and communities, we’ll work alongside and support key figures such as Al Hamilton MBE, former British champion James Cook MBE and Ms Elaine Holness MBE and seek to improve standards of living for the less fortunate.

“One of the greatest motivation speakers of all time, Les Brown, came to London and I had the honour of hosting him. I’d been listening to him for 25 years and now he’s mentoring me.

“I’m glad MTK Global sees the vision. This isn’t for money, pats on the back, likes on Facebook or anything like that. We’re going to help people. We’ve got meetings with the Mayor of London, different Islamic and Church organisations. We’re going to help everyone.

“There are big problems with gun crime and knife crime right now and it’ll take someone from the streets to understand the problems of the streets. I understand the way of thinking and we can show people there is a better way.

“Opportunity is the enemy of the oppressed. At the MTK Global Foundation we are going to give opportunity to people – young or mature – who didn’t think it was possible.”

Speaking of Spencer Fearon’s appointment, MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan commented: “We are privileged to have someone of Spencer’s experience and passion leading our new philanthropic programme. Spencer has been an integral part of boxing and community involvement for many years and knows better than most what is needed in order to create better environments for today’s youth and tomorrow’s stars”

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