Shawn Cameron Stops Francisco Reza in 5th Round 

U.S. Army war veteran and undefeated junior middleweight Shawn “Killa” Cameron (10-0, 5 KOs) upped his win total to double digits on Wednesday night, breaking down gritty Mexican veteran Francisco Reza (14-14, 11 KOs) over four rounds before eventually stopping him in the 5th round. The fight served as the co-feature bout on the latest installment of DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing.

“I am happy for the win, of course,” Cameron said after the victory. “At the start of the fight, I was probably a little reckless and forced the action a little too much. I train hard, so I am going to go out there and fight hard, and that is what we did. I do have to think a little bit more, though. I have some things I need to sharpen up. At the end of the day, we got the win, and I will back in the gym sometime in the next two days, fixing some things and moving on to the next.”

Cameron came out very aggressively in this contest, swarming Reza and immediately backing him into the corner before the duo met again in the center of the ring. As can oftentimes be the case when a southpaw fights an orthodox boxer, the two got their legs a bit tangled early in the first round as Reza threw a punch that hit Cameron in the neck. The combination of those two things made him lose his balance on what was more of a slip, but referee Harvey Dock began to count as Cameron immediately hopped back to his feet.

From that point forward, it was an absolutely dominant performance by Cameron, who repeatedly backed Reza onto the ropes and hit him from all angles. Anywhere Reza went, Cameron was right there in his face and swarming him with a barrage of punches.

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As the fight progressed, Reza began to noticeably break down, and Cameron took advantage. He continually attacked the body to extinguish his energy and then would quickly go back upstairs when Reza attempted to protect himself from the body blows. In the fifth round, Cameron saw his opportunity to close the show, and he did not pass it up.

Cameron walked down Reza early in the frame, hurting him with some punches that eventually backed him into the neutral corner. The U.S. Army veteran immediately turned up the volume once he got him there, and a heavy flurry soon resulted in Reza collapsing in that same corner. Without hesitation, Dock waved off the fight without even starting his count.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank God for the victory,” trainer Don Saxby stated. “Overall, Cam got four or five rounds of good work. He touched the guy’s body the way we wanted, and he hit him with the punches we wanted to see. However, I feel like he was in a rush. When we got to the fifth round, though, I noticed he got his second wind, which is not easy to do when it is that hot in the ring. When he looked at me and smiled – and you know I can read him like a book – I knew we were okay.

“He started stepping back and seeing his shots a little bit more clearly. In that fifth round, he never got touched and just started banging the guy out. I told Cam not to go all out for the knockout because the ref would eventually be forced to stop the fight due to the shots he was landing. And that is exactly what happened.”

Cameron now stands at 10-0 and has already fought three times in 2015. Negotiations are currently on the table for his next bout, and that announcement can be expected in the upcoming weeks.

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