Shakur Stevenson wants Oscar Valdez fight

Former Featherweight World Champion Shakur Stevenson takes a stand on the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer as he calls out who he wants to meet in the ring. Oscar Valdez tops his list along with Chris Colbert and Vasiliy Lomachenko. The young champ also tells us why he’s feared and known as the Boogeyman of boxing.

Stevenson says he wants Oscar Valdez when he returns to the ring in June

“I think he’s the better fighter out of everybody in the division, I think he established himself as one of the top fighters and I feel the top fighter in the division so I want Valdez more for sure. I don’t know if he really wants to fight me, but our teams are talking and we going to see.”

Stevenson says he’s feared and the Boogeyman of boxing

“I feel like a lot of fighters don’t want to fight me, I feel like I had opportunities to fight in big fights but I can’t in those big fights because of other fighters, it’s not me. I just feel like these guys always find a way out and I’m the Boogeyman.”

Stevenson on fighting Chris Colbert

“I could definitely see that fight, that would be a big fight. BHop has been putting on great performances, I don’t take anything away from him. I think a lot of people are going to have trouble with BHop, I think BHop is a real good fighter, I just think there are levels, there are levels when it comes to boxing. I know what he doesn’t know…that’s all I’m going to say.”

Stevenson on fighting Vasiliy Lomachenko

“There’s no way he can beat me. It’s impossible, I would not let him beat me. Ain’t no way a scared man can beat me, I feel like there was a lot of fear in that Teofimo fight, and I just don’t think a scared man can beat me!”

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