Royal Rampage Update

Less than two weeks away till the biggest female boxing event of the year, Royal Rampage. This event will be making history by hosting the first ever major World Title being held in New Zealand. What makes this event even more exciting is that all boxers that win are guaranteed a fight at the next Royal Rampage event in November this year, if they so choose to.

Lisa Lewis is Famous for Streaking at an All Blacks game in 2009, former stripper, escort, topless TV presenter and one-time Hamilton mayoral candidate. Now not only is she is Promoting her own major boxing event (Royal Rampage), she will be debuting as a pro boxer against former WBC World Champion Mia St John.
Mia St John is one of the most famous female boxers in the world today. She has held four title in her career, including one major world title (WBC Super Welterweight title) in 2012. St John is also well known for being featured on the cover and in Playboy magazine (Nov 1999).

Rebecca Jennings born in England, Now residing in Wellington, New Zealand, Will be fighting for the fifth time in her undefeated career. This will be her biggest challenge yet as she fights former IBF World title contender Nydia Feliciano for the UBF International title.
Nydia Feliciano will be fighting for the first time outside her home country (USA). She has held the New York State title, a Minor World Title (IWBF) and has for fought for a major World title (IBF) in 2012. Another amazing accomplishment in Feliciano’s career is that she has never been knocked out.

Knockout artist Mark Reyes Jr. headlines tonight

Gentiane Lupi, mother of three, will be facing her biggest challenge. Lupi has fought in all three formats of MMA, Kickboxing/Muay Thai and Boxing, however out of her 26 fights this will be her biggest challenge. Not only will Lupi be returning to the ring for the first time since August Last year from having Pneumonia, but also she will be fighting against Ronica Jeffrey.
The Queen Ronica Jeffrey will be a massive challenge for Lupi. Jeffrey has held multiple titles as a boxer from WBC NABF title to WBC Silver title. This fight will also be for the Vacant WBC Silver Featherweight title. Jeffrey has also held two Minor world titles including WIBA and IWBF World titles.

Melissa St Vil will also be fighting for the first time outside USA. She will be fighting against Baby Nansen who has had over 30 fights in Kickboxing. This bout will be for the Vacant WBC Silver Super Featherweight title. Nansen is well known for her rivalry against both Gentiane Lupi and Rebecca Jennings. Nansen and Lupi has fought each other three times so far, with Lupi winning twice. Jennings and Nansen have never fought, however Jennings has called out Nansen multiple times in hoping to get a future fight.

Uanie Fa Jr, also known as Junior Fa, is a New Zealander of Tongan decent. Even though he was born in New Zealand, he represented Tonga at the commonwealth games in which he won a Bronze medal in 2010. Fa jr is well known for his rivalry against Joseph Parker in which they have fought each other four times with two wins each. Fa jr turned pro in February this year, where he knocked out Richard Tutaki in the first round, which is something Parker couldn’t do as it took him three rounds on his third fight. Fa jr will be fighting his third pro fight against someone who also be fighting for the third time, Jayson Aloese. Aloese is undefeated as both a Corporate boxer and a pro boxer.

Finally the Main event of the evening will be for the WBC World title. Kali Reis is a two time former major World Title Contender (Both WBO World Title). She currently hold a minor World title called the UBF World title. Maricela Cornejo will be fighting for her first world title. Cornejo currently holds the WBC International female super middleweight title, which she won in August Last year.

Tickets are on sale with both the most expensive seats and cheap seats are sold out.
Tickets are on sale at Event Finda.

Royal Rampage
April 16th, 2016
Trust Arena
Auckland, New Zealand

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