Revival of Boxing – What media can do (Part V)

While you stumble and fall, what makes others stand? Boxing is at a critical crossroad, yet again. But would you stay ill rather than get healed? What’s healthy about buying “shows” that worsen the sport’s condition if there’s a Fight in limbo to solve its lingering problems? Who but the jerks would contradict what they already know is the cure that would cure themselves?
Some call this mental dishonesty, but it’s actually cerebral palsy.

Brats and crocs have made countless broken promises in the past. Why then give credence to their latest promise to “surprise” boxing in the fall or May of next year? Even if you see thousands of Mayweather’s vans outside of Top Rank’s office, what is there to guess except another trick? And no matter how “sensational” maybe the talks of Pacquiao openly challenging Mayweather, what’s to be believed unless they agree on paper to finally stage the long-awaited, sickening bout between them?
When has virtue become subordinate to anything mundane?

All Pac-Floyd scoops and drama would be promotional gimmick to entice or catch attention for their upcoming, equally WORTH BOYCOTTING carnivals branded as the “Mayhem” Floyd-Maidana II and “Ehem” Pac-Algieri, including their other future exhibitions, but not of course until they affix their signatures on dotted lines to make this generation’s one and only “Super Fight.” If you win in this battle, you win over greed and cowardice.

Truth is most radiant when challenged not by lies, but by half-truths and skepticism. And falsehood is at its barest when it does its best to cover sinister intentions. You can’t “map” sin however “big” you are.

This is not to say we don’t want Pac and Floyd to fight other boxers, but they simply have to fight each other FIRST. That is to counter ploys and ensure that indeed they will fight each other while the fight matters, and before they reach septuagenarian.

Except you believe and act on your belief that there is no tomorrow but today in dealing with or defeating the “business only” mentality among the carnivorous, involving these popular cash cows, boxing will always take a beating to the utter detriment of the fans and everyone else in the sport. In the midst of a great need to be heard, you can’t afford just to be silent.

If not now, when? We need to persist talking to the brats, crocs and crooks in the language they lucidly understand. Great, the Mega Bout is getting nearer than ever as the fans and people continue to do their part and speak with clarity. You’re in the wrong place if you are not with the enlightened people.
Good and evil can’t co-exist as victors.

Media’s character is that of boxing’s. Will it be distinct? Beyond reporting and opinionating, your mission as members of media is to reflect divinity in the practice of your profession because it’s The Way to carry out your purpose and to light up a darkened world. You’re on sinking ground when you’re not on the side of Truth.

But who are the real and who are not? How do we separate sheaves from wolves, crops from chaffs? Doesn’t the Good Book itself warn us, “You shall know them by their fruit”? Why serve as a curse when you can be a blessing? Aren’t you glad that you may be The Answer to revive an ailing sport should you resolve to rise up from madness?
The world needs warriors on their feet before tyrants and bullies.

Put heart and soul into your pens.

Be heroic.