Results: Juan Estrada defeats Raymond Tabugon

Latin Sports, the leading Hispanic Sports Promotions and Management Company, is pleased to announce that its premier fighter, former WBO and WBA Flyweight Champion, Juan “El Gallo” Estrada (32-2, 24 KOs), utterly defeated his opponent, Raymond Tabugon (18-5-1, 8 KOs) in his first fight in a higher weight class on October 8, 2016 at the Estadio Francisco León García, in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, México.

Juan “El Gallo” Estrada had officially vacated his World Boxing Organization and World Boxing Association flyweight titles so he could move up in weight to 115 pounds, from Flyweight to the Super-Flyweight division. Estrada dominated Tabugon in a one-way, 10-round shutout. All judges were in agreement, and scored the boxing match 100-90, giving Estrada a unanimous and decisive victory.

Although Tabugon fought valiantly, he was no match for the heavy-hitting Estrada, who rained blows on his opponent throughout the evening. In the third round, Estrada dealt a savage right hook which landed on Tabugon’s face and visibly shook him up as he staggered around the ring. In the next round, Estrada attempted to finish him off, but Tabugon managed to avoid the canvas, as he took the punishment. Estrada made the fight look easy, and although Tabugon was unable to match Estrada’s elegance, he managed to stay on his feet throughout the night.

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Estrada stunned Tabugon again in both the 7th and 8th rounds, and Tabugon was literally saved by the ropes in the 8th, as the Mexican champ danced around his opponent and rained a torrent of head shots on the Filipino’s skull, face, and shoulders. As the evening wore on, Estrada looked fresh and jumped around the ring, while Tabugon was visibly shaken.

Juan Estrada said, “This was an exciting fight, and it was gratifying to me on a personal level because many months of hard work and extreme discipline paid off in the ring. I have a lot of respect for Tabugon because he fought so hard, and he a beating throughout the night. With that being said, I deserved to win because of my training, and I knew in my heart that if I put my best effort into this fight, that I would come out on top. I am hungry for new challenges and opportunities, and look forward to new battles with world class champions. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to show the world that I have what it takes to win. I am grateful to my fans and supporters, and thank God and Latin Sports for this decisive victory.”

Carlos Moncada, Latin Sports CEO commented, “Juan ‘El Gallo’ Estrada has proven himself to be a world class boxer, earning WBO/WBA titles which he has both won and defended successfully. It is a joy to watch El Gallo fight in the ring, because he has a lot of heart and he always does his best. He never does anything halfway, and his talent and versatility make him a very dangerous opponent. He has an innate ability to adapt himself to his competitor’s tactics, and he is one of the most elegant, skillful, and elite boxers in the world. El Gallo is a champion through and through; and we here at Latin Sports are very proud of him. We look forward to a bright future with the Champ!”