Results: APB Cycle I Round 2 (52kg & 64kg)

Lausanne, 31 July 2015 – Hamburg, Germany, hosted the AIBA Pro Boxing Light Welter and Light Heavyweight matches of Cycle I Round 2 on 30 July according to the following match results.

Location: Hamburg – Venue: Inselparkhalle Wilhelmsburg

Artem Harutyunyan is the light welterweight hero after wonderful win over
Abdelkader Chadi

A tremendous evening of world class AIBA Pro Boxing entertainment took place on Thursday night in Hamburg, Germany, where Artem Harutyunyan (GER) defeated Abdelkader Chadi (ALG) in an astonishing Light Welterweight (64 kg) main event.

Harutyunyan’s crucial Cycle I Round 2 victory secures his place as the number one contender against the APB Light Welterweight Champion Armen Zakaryan (RUS), while also earning him a qualification quota for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

A packed crowd in Hamburg erupted in noise at the start of round one as chants of ‘Artem’ reverberated around the arena, and their star boxer gave the crowd even more to cheer about when he won the first frame as a result of his cleaner work and accurate punches.

Chadi started the second round in a more aggressive fashion, but was soon picked off by Harutyunyan who reverted to a successful counter-attacking style as the frame progressed.

The third round followed a similar pattern, as the focused German star patiently waited for his opponent to attack, before firing off damaging shots of his own in rampant retaliation.

After a near identical fourth frame, Chadi finally began to make his mark in round five when his relentless pressure finally began to wilt the previously watertight defence of Harutyunyan.

It proved to be a false dawn for the talented Algerian fighter however, although he won the round of all three scorecards, it would be his only true success of the match.

Chadi’s long reach usually allows him to control matches from range, but Harutyunyan changed tactics once again in the closing stages of the contest, with a new pressure style allowing him cleanly hit his elusive rival throughout the seventh round.

By the start of the eighth and final stanza, Harutyunyan had built up an unassailable points lead, and secured his tremendous triumph by performing serenely through the remaining three minutes of the bout.

After the final bell had rung, the hand of Harutyunyan was raised by the referee after all three judges awarded him the victory 79:73.

A second Light Welterweight fight also thrilled the spectators in Hamburg, where Evaldas Petrauskas (LIT) recovered well after losing the first round against Carlos Aquino (ARG) to defeat his opponent in the second frame by TKO.

Match results:

Artem HARUTYUNYAN (GER) W.P. (79:73/ 79:73/ 79:73) vs Abdelkader CHADI (ALG)

Location: Hamburg – Venue: Inselparkhalle Wilhelmsburg

Scintillating ‘Bavarian Sniper’ Serge Michel outpoints Abdelhafid Benchabla in heated Hamburg battle

Serge Michel (GER) produced a fascinating and thrilling performance in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday night when he defeated Abdelhafid Benchabla (ALG) in their brutal AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) Cycle I Round 2 Light Heavyweight (81 kg) clash.

Michel entered the ring to great support from his German supporters in the arena, and began the contest by attacking strongly on the front-foot.

Benchabla improved well after his slow start to win the second round across the board by utilising his stiff left jab often and effectively.

The momentum swung back to the German fighter in the third round when Michel started to unleash a variety of power-punches, including a devastating series of combinations to the body.

Round four proved to be another prosperous three minutes for the 28-year-old Benchabla, but it would be the last defining success he would enjoy in the contest.

After four rounds of action, the scores were even on all three scorecards, yet as the early rounds faded and the fierce intensity of the middle stages began to materialise, Michel quickly took control of the action.

Excellent head movement and footwork enabled the 26-year-old German to move in and out of range at will, and the quality of his shots frequently stunned his Algerian rival.

Michel had previously beaten Benchabla over five rounds in the World Series of Boxing in 2012, and relished the opportunity to fight across three further rounds in Hamburg.

His stamina was remarkable throughout the sixth and seventh frames, while his rival seemed to be struggling with the intensity of proceedings.

A huge ovation greeted the boxers at the start of round eight where Benchabla needed a knockout to win, but it was Michel whose power was more potent, and he lived up to his nickname of the Bavarian Sniper in the final seconds of the bout when he dropped and hurt Benchabla with a well-timed overhand right.

Showing tremendous courage, Benchabla got off the canvas from the devastating punch and survived until the end of the round, before Michel was awarded the unanimous decision victory by scores of 78:73, 78:74 and 77:75

A second Light Heavyweight match also featured in Hamburg, where Dzemal Bosnjak (BIH) outpointed Alexandru Machedon (ROM) in a six round exhibition.

Match results:

Dzemal BOSNJAK (BIH) W.P. (59:55/ 59:55/ 59:55) vs Alexandru MACHEDON (ROM)
Serge MICHEL (GER) W.P. (78:73/ 78:74/ 77:75) vs Abdelhafid BENCHABLA (ALG)