Quotes / Photos: Ryan Garcia workout for April 9th headliner on DAZN

To kick off Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe fight week Gym Shark presented Ryan Garcia with a one-of-a-kind fight suit. Tying together elements that raised Ryan to boxing royalty, Gymshark partnered with Hand & Lock — an embroidery studio out of London that maintains a royal warrant, and creates embroideries for the Royal Family, military, film, tv, and commercial needs — to bring to life a suit fit for King Ryan as he journeys back to the ring. The seamstress who applied the embroidery patches has worked at Hand & Lock for 50 years, and previously embroidered on a dress for Princess Diana.

Supporting athletes making waves in their respective fields, Gymshark worked to bring to life all of the elements that fuel forward Ryan in every fight. Paying homage to his heritage, faith, family, and fatherhood, this one-of-a-kind garment serves as a tribute to the boxing golden boy’s true essence. The tracksuit has Ryan’s daughters names in each cuff, his motto in the back cuff and a dedication to his grandmother above his heart — which is in Ryan’s own handwriting.

The suit will debut during Fight Week, and follow Ryan through different events leading up to the match as he gears up for the much awaited return. Sharing imagery of the suit here and a video of the gifting here.

Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18KOs) is set to make his grand return to the ring in a 12-round lightweight battle against the top-rated Emmanuel “The Gameboy” Tagoe (32-1, 15KOs) of Accra, Ghana on Saturday, April 9th. The fight will take place in San Antonio’s Alamodone and will be streamed live, exclusively on DAZN worldwide, starting at 6:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. CT / 9:00 p.m. ET.

“When I’m training, and when I step in the ring, it’s so important I have that support, that family behind me, and Gymshark really is that for me,” said Ryan Garcia. “They believed in me even before my big successes and we share so much in common. We have this next level drive and ambition, and we value hard work and family above everything.”

“We had a few sessions with Ryan to get a sense of who he is beyond the ring, as a person, and all the meaningful aspects of his life that make him the man he is today. That allowed us to create this beautiful bespoke suit, using our in-house seamless machines, as well as working with the celebrated Hand & Lock embroidery studio in London. I am so proud of the level of design, care, and detail, that went into this. I think we’ve captured the key parts of Ryan’s life that mean the most to him and help tell a personalized story which you will see through: the dedication to his grandmother in his own handwriting stitched on the inside of the jacket, against his heart; the lining with initials printed on it; the Mexican flag to capture his heritage, his daughter’s names printed on each cuff, and the back of the jacket with his birth year, his own motto “Shock the World”. Finally, the opportunity to work with a such a renowned embroidery studio with such a deep heritage for quality handwork, well, it really is fit for a King,” said Danielle Petesic, Chief Product Officer of Gymshark. “Gymshark is fully on this journey with Ryan and we could not have made this a reality without his input and collaboration. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this with him and the world now.”

Today, Ryan showed off to the media all the hard work he has been putting in ahead of his fight. Also, Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman, and CEO of Golden Boy, and Joe Goossen were in attendance to support Ryan and talk about his return to the ring on April 9th. Below is what Ryan, Oscar, and Joe had to say. To watch the live stream, hosted by Golden Boy Fight Night’s Beto Duran, click HERE:


“Now I’m at the point where I’m going to do amazing when I get into the ring. I’ve done all the promotions I can. I’m going to be the best I can be. You have to trust that gut feeling which most guys don’t.

“I knew Joe Goossen was going to be a perfect fit for me. He’s old school and I love that part of the game. He’s someone I can relate to, we have good chemistry.

“I’m always stalking my opponent, that’s my fighting style. Make sure I’m countering. Whenever an opportunity presents itself.

“I got knocked out for the first time in my life and I took it well. I reacted the way I imagined I would.

“I’m pretty good at fighting smaller guys. [Tagoe] is a little shorter and he likes to box.

“Fighters always try to pressure me. We’ll see since I don’t know too much about this guy. I’ll just stay calm and surgically break him down or knock him out. I have pretty good timing and accuracy. I think that has really separated me from other fighters.

“My power has been coming out more effortlessly. I’m also not getting as tired. Everything’s coming together.”


“He’s fighting a guy who has nothing to lose,“ said Oscar De La Hoya. “I think Ryan needs to come out and make a point but do it smart and careful. Ryan knows what he is doing. He’s a professional. He’s been there before so it’s going to be an interesting fight. Joe Goossen has been in the game for so many years. I’m glad they made the connection”


“I knew he had something special. We got along and there was something about him that appealed to me personality-wise and fighting-wise. He’s really attacking this like he’s obsessed and possessed. I’m genuinely impressed.”