Provodnikov & Algieri Media Workout Quotes


“I do not have any special rituals. I only believe in myself and my abilities.

“I enjoy having my fans from Russia at my fights.

“Algieri seems like a smart man and I expect him to be a smart boxer. We’ll see how practical his boxing theories are in the ring on Saturday.

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“If I have to die in the ring to win, that is what I will do. Is Algieri willing to do the same? He had better or he will not defeat me.

“I know suffering. I grew up in it. All we had to eat was what grew from the soil — anything that grew from the soil — and raw fish and moose. I still eat raw moose liver. It makes me strong.

“I do not like fighting boxers who do not engage, like Algieri, but I am used to it. I will chase him and hunt him down. I am a hunter when I am in the ring.

“A lot of my friends and fans from my hometown will be coming to my fight. Barclays Center and Brooklyn already feels like second home to me.”


“He may be undefeated, but Chris Algieri has never faced anyone like Ruslan. He may be a good student in school, but Ruslan will be teaching Algieri a crash course on how to lose on Saturday night.

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“Ruslan is going to pour everything he has into this fight. His sole mission is to turn out Algieri’s lights.

“This is the first time Ruslan has had a nutritionist in training camp.

“Algieri has a degree in nutrition and claims to be on a healthy diet. We’ll see how well he digests the rights and lefts Ruslan serves up to him on Saturday.”


“It’s surreal for me. It’s a dream come true

“I believe my maturity as an adult has helped me throughout this whole process. It’s been hectic but smooth.

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“Pressure has always made me step up to the competition. I prepared, I am in shape. Fight night, I am going to show who I really am. Ruslan has this great power in his punches but if you can’t land them, the power really doesn’t matter.

“I have fought in world title fights as a kickboxer. I have been the underdog and fought in large venues. That has prepared me for this.

“I know I belong with these guys and I know I can beat them and now I am ready to prove it again on June 14.

“I have to go out there and control the center of the ring. Push the pace and go out there and use my boxing IQ.

“I have been preparing for the power by not getting hit.

“The nation has seen me. They see what I can do. People don’t know who I am yet. They will after Saturday. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I would win.

“I am not much into prediction but all I can on Saturday, “AND THE NEW….”