Pac And Floyd Versus Love For The Sport (Part VI)

Haven’t you caught the trick yet?

What is news about Arum saying “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao” is possible in 2015 when he swears similar stuff year after year but cooks a different bout every time? Patronize the Algieri and Maidana fights versus the cash cows and you make it literally impossible for the sport and yourself to produce the Mega Bout and cure boxing.

Smoking is dangerous to your health.

Lewis Ritson vs. Miguel Vazquez on Oct.17 in Newcastle

The sport did well in the failed and most recent fights of Manny and Money to send a message to everyone. Brats and crocs privately grumbled and were extremely disappointed with the outcome of the bouts, notably the pay-per-view results. Hence they never got to release the drama and official accurate PPV figures in media.

The “People Power” was victorious.

Now the sport (the people) is about to send a follow up message and it could be louder and clearer in the forthcoming carnivals of Pac and Floyd against cherry picked models, notwithstanding jerks in media who are high on something to trip trippers. Let them go wild feasting at the foot of Sinai, but ultimately it’s the Truth that will prevail and win again.
Watch the shows if you want, but spend not a dime to beat yourself.

There is nothing wrong about earning big money when a boxer fights another boxer. But it’s incomprehensible that a boxer effectively sells himself as The Best Ever (TBE) to become the world’s highest paid athlete while belittling the boxer he fears the most and doggedly refuses to fight him for the “shielding” of his own health and zero-loss record.

How literate, who help “build up” TBE shows?

“The Mayhem” Mayweather-Maidana II is fast approaching. So it’s the fans and people’s turn to read the book and be vigilant. Who are the strong and who are the compromisers? Few days prior to fight night is most crucial for the enlightened sectors to judgingly tell that.
Rapper 50 Cent is not proving anything to convince us that Floyd “Money” Mayweather is illiterate merely by challenging the latter to read a page from Harry Potter. But who wouldn’t think twice after Floyd made an “educated” response to that sucker punch from a former pal by showing on Twitter/Instagram his huge “Money” pay checks from Golden Boy Promotions (out of Showtime loses?) as if to proudly say to the world “I have lots of money anyway”?

Alisch vs Kiss, Bunn & Radovan added to Briedis - Dorticos undercard

Illiteracy is not exclusive among the unschooled.

Can you imagine if the accusation of 50 Cent is true? Where will it put boxing or media in light of the “pound-for-pound” king’s habit of handpicking opponents to stage exhibition productions and at the same time suck hard earned dollars from innocent fans by doing so, even without reference to his many other issues and sins in the past and present?
Boxing has its business side; never an evil side.

There is nothing wrong about a Filipino “icon” fighting a fellow boxer other than his “unbeaten” American arch rival. But it’s embarrassing for the sport that an “icon” effectively sells his carved image as a “phenomenon” simply by being captive to an “astute” promoter to defy clamors and reason; or by bowing down to a false god to apostatize the sport.

Pac and Floyd are coming to themselves sans obvious signs as they have begun pondering and thinking of ways to sort out their differences on account of millions of those who know what they’re doing. Neither scot and whiskey nor Bruce in no man’s land and their fellow perverts will drive the people nutty and make them toast for a pot to buy junks. Fight cocaine and nicotine.

Why believe those who recite different scripts in the back stage?

Sept. 26: Charlie Edwards and Joyce to be Featured on Josh Taylor Undercard

Cause Pac and Floyd to think of each other as they head to vaudeville against “chosen” foes in the days and months to come. This is to make them think of no one else but each other until they have only each other to think about for their immediate succeeding Fight when the shows are over. And let the drunken buffoons say cracked jokes on their way to circuses while we shun their barters and do what we MUST, with our sanity intact.

If your son is deep into vices, won’t you care enough to take him out of the tomb? We love Pac and Floyd, but we love the sport more. And we say yes to PPV (People Power Victorious).
Good news is “old” Hopkins scheduled to fight “lion” Kovalev in November; a concerned U.S. government official making moves to correct what’s wrong with boxing; multi-awarded hip-hop man Jay-Z planning to dip into fight sport as he reconciles with lovely wife Beyonce, and as they forgive each other to push the reset button. Bad news is anything related to the “fights” of Pac and Floyd prior to and outside of PAC VS. FLOYD.

The sport seems half awake to its full duty to Truth. And that is because boxing is you, the people – not the wayward, jerks and bullies.

The stone has been rolled.

Why weep for Lazarus?

Be joyous.