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NZPBA Talks about History

Today we sit down with New Zealand Professional Boxing Association (NZPBA) Secretery, Sir Pat Leonard. He tells us some of the history of NZPBA.

“By a Supreme Court decision in 1966, the South Pacific Boxing Association came into being in opposition to the then New Zealand Boxing Association, which began I believe pre 1900.  In 1903, I think the NZBA was granted a special dispensation by the ruling World Amateur body to conduct professional boxing, because there were no other(s) to conduct Pro boxing.  Thus was born the amateur undercard with Pro bouts as the main card.”

“It was then in 1903 Parliament formed and passed the Boxing and Wrestling Act to cover the facets and the issuing of a Police Boxing Permit.  The Act and Regulations have been slightly amended over the years.  I think the latest amendment was 1984.  Because only boxing and wrestling is named in the current Act and Regulations, is why all the other combat sports do not have to apply for Police permits or restricted by anything else such that is required for current day boxers.”

“The South Pacific Boxing Association was very active, sanctioned and officiated many promotions and also NZ Titles, Australasian Titles and assisted with Commonwealth Titles.  I started off as Secretary at South Pacific.  We wore Red blazers, thus became known as the “Red Coats”.”

“It was in 1984 that at the AGM it moved and passed by majority vote that we change our name from South Pacific to the  New Zealand Professional Boxing Association Inc.  Our name was accepted and duly registered.  New Zealand Boxing Association intended to protest and lodge an objection, and in their usual way of conducting their business forgot to do so.  We changed to black blazers some years ago when it no longer able to get the particular red material”

“Our name was greeted and accepted by the World Bodies and Commonwealth Boxing Council. We were made members of CBC, and have had a Past president of CBC and still have a active Director.”

“The NZPBAssn has sanctioned and conducted promotions for and have members belonging to all the major World Boxing Authorities, and their standard of officiating is respected and held in high regard by the same.”