NABF – August 1, 2014 – President’s Report

George D. Durrant wrote the book, “My Best Day So Far.” Our NABF Convention in Chicago was “Our Best Day So Far.” We express our appreciation and ‘thank you’s’ to those who went to the time and expense to attend our 46th convention. We are indebted to the wonderful speakers who shared their wisdom and passion for their topics. We also wish to express our gratitude to the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel General Manager, Doug Dean, and his wonderful staff. The hotel was a magnificent place to hold our convention. This by far was our biggest convention with having over 225 attend. Thank you everyone.

The tone of the convention was to encourage each of us to reach out and help someone in need. It could just be a hello, a pat on the back or even just an acknowledgment that that person exists. Leave our narcissistic society and touch someone else. I believe we accomplished this.

The NABF has come a long way in improving the Code of Ethics for our officials, and by getting more individuals involved within. We have moved at lighting speed in improving in the technology area, i.e., with translation for our Spanish speaking family and computerized membership data.

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This past year we have many officials involved with assignments in NABF and WBC title fights. Officials are being recognized with assignments and also are being held accountable for their performance. We are moving in the right direction and, as expected, our members are responding in a very positive manner. On behalf of the officials the following announcement was made regarding protocol:

Release – July 3, 2014

All officials MUST:

In order to be considered to work as an official for the NABF/WBC the official must be current in the following:

Be a current paid member of the Federation wherein they reside.
Receive current training by attending the annual Federations Convention.
Be a current and paid member of the World Boxing Council.
Receive current training by attending the annual WBC Convention.

When an official concurs with the above, they may work any fight assignment they are assigned to by a local commission within their residing Federation boundaries.

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1. The official must not turn down a WBC assignment to work another assignment.

2. Advise his Federation of assignments if he/she may receive an assignment to work for another organization out of his own state.

3. Advise the WBC of assignments if he/she may receive an assignment to work for another organization out of his own state.

4. The Federation and the WBC may suggest the value to the official of him/her working or not working the said assignment.

Again, thank you everyone who made the sacrifice with time and expense to travel to Chicago to participate within our convention.

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