MTK Africa has been formed under the guidance of Colin Nathan

MTK Global is delighted to announce the creation of MTK Africa, which will be headed by the world-renowned boxing trainer, manager and TV pundit Colin Nathan.

With the completion of the MTK Accra gym in Ghana nearing, MTK Global now has a continental headquarters based in South Africa – and award-winning fight figure Nathan is enthusiastic over the future of African boxing.

Nathan, who has already trained fellow South Africans Hekkie Budler and Moruti Mthalane to world title glory and was named the country’s Trainer of the Year in 2017, said: “There is a fortune of untapped potential here and it’s time to shine light on it.

“While African countries have had strong amateur teams, the infrastructure and boxing commissions within the professional set-up have been lacking. We currently have four legitimate male African world champions but there should be far more than that.

“MTK Africa will have a huge impact by providing the platforms on which talented fighters can showcase themselves. I’m honoured to be heading up a young, dynamic team with vision and scope.

“It was an easy choice to align with MTK Global, which is easily the biggest boxing management company in the world already. It’s quickly become a powerful brand and helps young fighters and champions alike achieve their dreams in the fight game.”

Nathan has a rich history in the sport; he became the youngest ever licensee in South African boxing history at the age of 12 having been introduced to the sport by his father, Stanley.

Nathan added: “I’ve given pretty much my whole life to boxing. It’s infectious and there is no cure! It’s a humbling and very noble sport. It’s ingrained in my family history and has always been a way of life for me.

“I believe I was put on earth for boxing and to enrich and improve lives through it. We want to make dreams come true and provide deserved and overdue opportunities for as many of the African people as possible.”

MTK Global President Bob Yalen said: “The addition of Colin to the MTK Global family is a huge asset to our organisation. Not only is he one of the best young trainers in all of boxing, but he also possesses one of the brightest and most insightful fight-minds in all of the sport.

“Colin is a welcome figure to MTK Global and we look forward to working with him to expand our brand and our services not just in Africa, but everywhere our brand touches now and moving forward.”

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