Melson motivates at Fort Bragg

Melson motivates at Fort Bragg; raises Soldier Suicide Awareness

New York, NY (July 14, 2016) – WBC-USNBC junior middleweight boxing champion and community hero Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson spoke to the 3rd Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) or MISB Friday, July 8 in Fort Bragg, NC.

MAJ Chevy Cook, a close personal friend of Melson’s from West Point, is the Commander of Delta Company in the 3rd MISB. MAJ Cook invited Melson, an Army Reserve Captain, to travel to Fort Bragg this past March to speak to his company of soldiers. Melson’s impactful speech in March resulted in the 3rd MISB inviting Melson down for their Battalion Day. Last week, the 2003 West Point graduate provided a 30 minute motivational speech to the 3rd MISB. He was specifically asked to fire them up about their service to our country as well as selfless service to humanity.

While at Fort Bragg, Melson also spoke with Carmen Davis about her desire to have him speak to the Special Operations Command Care Coalition in the fall. The Care Coalition helps to provide resources in all forms to Armed Forces members serving in Delta Force, Ranger Battalion, Special Forces, or Navy Seals that were injured serving our country.

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The Coalition not only helps to provide avenues for physical rehabilitation to those injured, but assists their families during the tough times that often follow. This assistance can involve the remodeling of homes to make them accessible for when injured veterans return home. Ms. Davis heard Melson speak during his last visit and had an immediate interest in having him back.

Melson said of his experience at Fort Bragg “As a former Active Duty Officer and current Army Reserve Officer, it does not get better than this. Fort Bragg is the hub of our Armed Forces. The honor extended my way to travel to Fort Bragg to ignite the warrior ethos our soldiers manifest is second to none for my spirit. I am a professional speaker, this is the one talent I believe I am as good as anyone alive on this planet is, and now I get to use this for my country’s Armed Forces.”

Last month, Melson participated in a Stop Soldier Suicide “Night For Life” charity gala in New York City hosted on the Intrepid. Recently, he became an Advisory Board Member for Stop Soldier Suicide after being invited to join by the Executive Director Jason Roncoroni, who is a fellow West Point graduate and retired Lieutenant Colonel.

Stop Soldier Suicide offers a 2-year program where they have volunteers who are veterans with Masters Degrees’ in Social Work that provide professional counseling for veterans struggling upon their return to civilian life. Many veterans have difficulties adjusting following the emotional and/or physical trauma they’ve experienced serving the United States domestically or abroad.

Over a two-year period, each veteran that comes to Stop Soldiers Suicide for help is personally contacted eight times by the professional counselors volunteering their time. This is in addition to these professional counselors, who again are Veterans themselves, making themselves available whenever the Veterans enrolled in the program need to contact them at any moment. Stop Soldier Suicide offers help to each Veteran at $25 a month. 100% of these funds are generated through donations. Sadly, 22 veterans and one armed forces member commit suicide every day. During Vietnam, 50,000 people were killed. In the five years following the Vietnam War, 100,000 armed forces members committed suicide. By the time 2011 had come, the amount of armed forces members that took their own lives when they returned home from combat was greater than all the armed forces members who were killed in combat during our most recent wars.

“There is a plague of deceit in our country,” Melson said. “Our country is keeping this fact with its atrocious statistic quiet. I ask you to tell me, when you think back to every single debate this past year that the Republican and Democratic Parties have held, if you have ever heard of this reality-if you have ever heard of this statistic. There are 900 non-profits in this country trying to deal with preventing the suicide of armed forces members. THAT MEANS THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM! Go to right now please and give at least $25. That $25 you are giving will prevent on armed forces member from taking his or her life this month. Let that be at a minimum, your way of saying thank you to those who are sacrificing in a way so that you can keep living your life the way you enjoy to live it.”

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