Media’s Role In Healing The Sport Of Boxing (Part I)

What’s wrong with boxing? Nay, what’s wrong with media? Where in the world can we find a sport in which money is the main thing, the overriding issue? Can anybody tell of a sport wherein it judges itself to be well or sick by the money that goes into the pockets of brats and into the wallets of crocs? How do we categorize a game of “competition” if the contestants and promoters can freely handpick and decide for the sport, all by themselves, the opponents whom they would tangle with?

Has it ever dawned on media that a so-called “sport” is not a sport when its athletes are made to compete with fellow athletes purely on the basis of potential income the staging of the “fight” or show may generate?

Who fools who?

Tommy Fury learning with SugarHill Steward

Miracles are wrought when media plays its part. But media can’t be a party to evil or wrongdoing and thereby become anathema to liberty and salvation while being stripped of ideals and attempting to be disillusioned. Otherwise, it forfeits its right to speak and loses its claim to “omnipotence.”

Boundless is media’s influence, it can make or break even an entire nation. Its power can’t be exaggerated or underestimated for it has the power to build or destroy; power to heal or kill a sport.

The voice of media is always audible except in war or “childishness” wherein bombs and artillery (mammon in the case of boxing) have the eminence to talk, for only in jungles that media seems to have nothing to say to be heard amid the great need for heart and sane thinking. How true, when money or a gun speaks, the truth is silent.

Media is endowed with spell to do the impossible. It has the capability to connect east and west, north and south, in like manner that it can alienate earth from earth, or a country from its people. Media will either correct a wrong to fulfill a good purpose or tolerate bullying and crookedness to injure justice and defy reason for a catastrophe to happen.
The responsibility of those in media is awesome. Their nation’s fault is often their fault. Hence a country can only be as good as its media. And boxing can only be as sick… Media should bear no marks of compromise and political color; and must stand for what is right all the time for it is God’s means to reflect both His natural and moral attributes.

You are not part of media if you can’t stand for truth and be instrument of light.

Media can’t afford to be prejudicial and gullible. Yet it is incumbent upon its members to be objective, righteous and principled. Media must have the tenacity of character in pursuit of equity in society and a just conclusion of a matter. Media’s fairness rests on its being subservient to truth under Higher laws without fear or favor; being committed fully to dispense Light for the service of human race regardless of color.

Ryan Garcia battles Luke Campbell on Dec.5 at the Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA

Thus the enlightened people will have to ultimately prevail under whatever circumstance – not the Hitlers of the world or weapons of war. There’s a lot other things much more important to be concerned about than money, or “oil.”

Ah, boxing, not far from real life.

Be well.