Media, Pac-Floyd And The Healing Of Boxing (Part II)

Here’s the score.

Media should not care about any fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao if it is not a fight against each other. How scribes and media will respond to scoops or official announcements that would come from Mayweather and Pacquiao will tell whether or not boxing is on its way to healing. Good if the item pertains to both camps exerting efforts to make the Super Fight until it finally happens. Bad if it is not.

It’s not that the fans are dying to see the Mega Bout for their indulgence. Beyond self-entertainment, the fans want closure to the silliness, rottenness and idiocy surrounding boxing as reflected by the “Pac-Floyd” never-ending, ever-lingering saga and brouhaha.
Who says that boxing is well and who sees it is sick? It depends on how well or sick is the person looking at it? Jerks and crooks will be found out.

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“Eyes that look are common; eyes that see are rare.”

Boxing will thrive without Pacquiao and Mayweather because there is much more to boxing than Pac and Floyd. Yet the reality: Pacquiao and Mayweather are still into boxing and grab headlines as they mirror the state of the sport today. The way media treats the controversies surrounding these superstars duo and the Fight in limbo between them diagnose the health condition of the sport, and of those in media.

Media can’t be better than the sport it indulges itself in.

Question: Will the Mega Bout be staged sooner than anybody could guess?

Oh, stars are meant to shine, but superstars in boxing are meant to fight each other. And it can’t be on a later date. The handlers of Pac and Floyd will have to decide and act quickly to pit their respective “cash cows” for the match-up that has long been “in the making.” And it ought to be this September, October, November or December. Otherwise, Pacquiao and Mayweather will have to be out of the ring until the “Mayweather vs. Pacqiuao” gets materialized for reasons promoters certainly wouldn’t want to ignore.
But why do we seldom find still waters that run deep?

Different strokes have been tried by the sport but failed, moving heaven and earth to make this generation’s most compelling, most exciting and most sickening bout. Hence nothing else will guarantee to make the dream classic come true, but for people and media to talk to Money and Manny along with their “dollar sign” lead cohorts in a language they would lucidly understand.

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Here’s how it can be done: We, the people and media, should consider patronizing whatever upcoming shows of Pacquiao and Mayweather versus other “competitive” foes, BUT on condition that they have to fight each other FIRST. Otherwise, BOYCOTT

would always be the right ANSWER.

News Blackout and the Mega Bout are the two remaining options.
Take sweet, bitter herbs.
Be blessed.