Maynard Allison Wins By First Round KO

Raleigh, NC (February 27) – The pre-fight hype was all about Braulio Hernandez, and how Hernandez was going to put a real, big boy beating on the visibly scared, quiet, and over hyped Maynard Allison. The post fight talk was all about the devastating fashion in which Maynard Allison won by first round KO.

Maynard Allison is known as Mr Marvellous, but on this night at the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC, the “Siler City Assassin” was born.

Allison calmly came out at the opening bell and measured Braulio Hernandez. After a couple of exchanges, Allison’s hand speed advantage became very apparent. Allison used his jab to slow everything down, and put his unsuspecting opponent in his crosshairs. Maynard would whip a couple of shots to the body to double over his opponent, and a big right hand really opened him up to an onslaught.

Maynard would land a jab, a hook, and a short right hand that would drop Braulio. Braulio Hernandez would get back up and try to fight, but the laser sharp punches from Allison would bring a devastating end to the fight. Maynard Allison dropped a quick left hand and then threw a right that caught Hernandez so fast and so square on the chin, Hernandez was out before he hit the ground. The referee jumped in and quickly waived off the fight. As Braulio Hernandez lay prone on the floor, Maynard Allison was declared the winner by KO at 2:44 of the first round.

Maynard Allison was extremely calm and focused. Head coach and trainer Keedar Massey of the Inner City Boxing Gym in Durham, NC would say after the fight, “It is amazing to see the level Maynard was able to reach in training, because he was so focused. Braulio brought that out of him. What kind of beast will he be as the competition gets better? This is exciting!”

Maynard Allison, Mr Marvellous, the Siler City Assassin, improves to 4-0 (3 KO’s), and he had one thing to say after the fight, “I want this, and I’m coming. People need to start believing. Thanks to all my fans for coming to see me. I’m only going to get better!”