Maynard Allison Is Ready To Show Out February 27th

Raleigh, NC (February 15) – With less than two weeks until his fourth professional fight, Maynard Allison is well prepared and ready to show out February 27 inside the Dorton Arena boxing ring in Raleigh, NC .
In a fight billed as “Homeland Enemies,” Maynard Allison (3-0 (2 KO’s) will put his undefeated record on the line against the rugged and undefeated Braulio Hernandez.

Hernandez is feeding into the bill, and has escalated things with a war of words. Braulio uses a video to state, “He is ready.” He took things one step further saying, “He (Maynard Allison) says we haven’t fought nobody, but I seen his last fight with some bum from the street. We are done talking. He is going to see what we are made of. We are ready. Bring it on!” Hernandez made it personal making fun of a minor physical tick Allison has that causes him to blink. Hernandez says, “Why you blink? You choking?”

See Video Here:

Unfazed, Maynard Allison stays focused on his goal. “My goal is to become a world champion. In order to reach my goal, I am preparing for this fight the same way I prepare for all my fights. I work very hard, I am in great shape, I am sharpening my skills, and I am working with Coach Massey to make sure the game plan is perfectly executed. He is just another opponent in the way of my goal. I make sure I am right, and nothing that he says matters. Whether he comes in as undefeated Braulio Soto or the defeated Hernandez, I’m ready to show out February 27th!”

Allison, who was a three sport star in High School and won 8 amateur belts, is managed by Anthony Brown of “Bare Knuckles Entertainment” and coached by Keedar Massey of “Inner City Boxing Gym” in Durham, NC. Team Allison has set a course for an extremely productive and a very busy 2016.

Dorton Arena is a 7,610-seat multi-purpose arena located on the North Carolina State Fairgrounds at 1025 Blue Ridge Rd in Raleigh, North Carolina. It opened in 1952.

About February 27

The card is promoted by Stop Running Promotions. Tickets are on sale, and can be purchased at Inner City Boxing Gym located at 1230 Avondale, Drive-Suite #5, Durham, NC 27701. By phone, tickets can be purchased by calling 312 285-7778.