Maurice Weber: “I Can’t Wait to Show My Skills to the Boxing World”

Light Middleweight Prospect Eager to Get In Line for a World Title Shot Cologne, June 27, 2014. Maurice Weber has his goal in mind. And he knows that, at age 32, he has to get closer to it as soon as possible. “I don’t think of me as an old fighter, make no mistake about that. I’m young, I’m fresh, I neither drink nor smoke. I have many years left as a professional and I won’t stop until I accomplish the thing that drives me the most: becoming World Light Middleweight Champion”, he said.

“I know it’s a long way to go. But I’m willing to prove myself and to show the world that I belong on championship level.” The first step towards that was meant to happen on the Sturm-Soliman 2 undercard on May 31 in Krefeld, Germany. Weber was close to secure a shot at the IBF Intercontinental Light Middleweight Title but an agreement with the possible opponent could not been reached. “It was unfortunate. He fought a couple of weeks earlier and told us he needed more time to rest and couldn’t make it until May 31. But I’m positive the fight can be rearranged at the end of the year”, Weber concluded.

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Winning the IBF Intercontinental strap would have put Weber right into the Top 15 of the New Jersey-based organization. “One win, and I would have been in line for a voluntary title defense. And I believe that I can beat the IBF champ Carlos Molina. I truly do.” However, Weber knows that his recent opposition doesn’t exactly scream world title shot. “I needed a couple of tune-ups to get back into my game after my injury”, he offered. “I had them. It’s time for bigger challenges now. And my promoter is trying to give them to me but various guys turned a fight down. Like I said, I want to prove that I belong on world level first.”

“For instance, I’d love to fight Jack Culcay. He’s touted as the next champ over here. I have lots of respect for him. He won the Amateur World Championships and has had a good run as a pro so far. But I beat him fairly clear in the amateurs, I see a lot of flaws in him and I strongly believe that I have the tools to defeat him.” A fight against Culcay, who is promoted by Sauerland Event, would indeed mean good business in Germany. “And the fight would get me a good rating with the governing bodies”, Weber added.

But Culcay is not the only name on Weber’s mind: “If he doesn’t want to fight me, fine. I’ll just look for other opportunities. I don’t depend on any single fighter. I’m ready to face whomever my promoter puts in front of me. Trust me. I never stop working, I never stop training, I have a great trainer in Magomed Schaburow and I improve day-by-day. I’m sure of what I can do and I can’t wait to show it to the boxing world.”

Weber, once a highly touted amateur boxer, turned pro in 2005 and had his fair share of setbacks since then. After capturing the German Light Middleweight Title in 2007, he suffered a disputed decision loss to rugged French veteran Frederic Serre the following year. And if that wasn’t enough, he injured his hand so bad that the doctors told him he would never, ever, fight again. But Weber did not give up. He trained as good as possible, met with various doctors and specialists time and time again. “I was close to closing the book on boxing, I must admit”, Weber conceded. “I’ve had so many doctor appointments but my hand wasn’t getting better. I still wanted to be a champion and my heart still refused to give up but my mind began telling me that it was time to choose another path in my life.”

But then, the “miracle”, as one of Weber’s doctors told him later, happened. “It was sort of my last straw. I tried out a new procedure and all of the sudden it started to work.” The hand healed, Weber was cleared to fight again. Just in time to sign a promotional contract with Sturm Box-Promotion, the company of his life-long friend and 4-Time World Middleweight Champion Felix Sturm. “I still can’t thank Felix enough for giving me this shot”, Weber said. “I’ll pay him back by becoming his first world champion!”