Charles Martin v Anthony Joshua – ‘The Gloves Are Off’ On Sunday

On Sunday night IBF World Heavyweight Champion ‘Prince’ Charles Martin comes face-to-face with undefeated challenger Anthony Joshua in a tense ‘The Gloves Are Off’ episode.

The pair met with Johnny Nelson at Sky Sports studios to discuss the big fight and also their tough journey to get to this point.

Martin ‘We grew up hard. Hard and hungry, no food no Daddy. My uncle was the one who handled the man part of my life. I still saw a lot of stuff even as a kid. I had to fight every day, we had a tussle every day, somebody wanted to try us every day. I’ve got a lot of pent up anger inside of me, it’s just life. There’s a lot of things I don’t like expressing, it just stays within. That emotion comes out when I’m in the ring’

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Joshua ‘I’ve wisened up, I’ve been through my own fair share. If its hell fire, or clouds on paradise – so be it. I’ve already made the decision of where I want to get to. It’s about self-development for me because that’s what I got into Boxing for. I needed some sort of discipline. I was looking at my own court case at the time, looking at double figures and I happened to end up in a boxing gym. I got found not guilty, carried on with my Boxing and this is where it’s lead me now.’

Martin ‘I’m the champ, I’m gonna keep on being the champ. So I’m gonna knock him out, period. I don’t need to call no rounds, when I see it I’m going to do it. I’m going to get right over you, I’m going to step right over you. I walk this earth like a God, and that’s who I am’

Joshua ‘Do I shatter his dreams? I think he knows what’s coming anyway. He walks this earth like a God. I’m blessed, my destiny’s written’




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