Mairis Briedis Joins Cancer Medicine Rigvir Team

World boxing champion Mairis Briedis has become the Head of Security of the manufacturer of cancer medicine Rigvir at the same time continuing his professional boxing career.

Mairis Briedis, the Head of Security of Rigvir holding: “I have always find it important to make my social life and career also outside sports and I have successfully managed to balance both of them. I am truly honoured to be a part of Rigvir team accomplishing the work of saving people’s lives, which is so important and highly regarded among our people and around the world! I hope that with my assistance to this unique scientific achievement will help as many as possible in their fight against cancer.”

Mairis Briedis is a Latvian professional boxer who fights in the Cruiserweight division. Mairis Briedis has won 20 out of 20 fights in his boxing career. As of February 2016, he is the current IBF Inter-Continental Cruiserweight title holder. As of November 2013, he is also the current IBA Cruiserweight Champion. In 2014, Mairis Briedis was named the European Person of the Year in Latvia.

Rigvir holding is the manufacturer of the unique cancer medicine, which is able to find and destroy malignant tumour cells in the human body. Cancer treatment with Rigvir, called oncolytic virotherapy, is evidence based and recognised as safe and effective therapy. Rigvir is the world’s first oncolytic medicine, approved in 2004 for treatment of melanoma. However, in clinical practice it has been used for treatment of several other malignant tumours. Since 2015, Rigvir has been included in clinical guidelines approved by the Latvian National Health Service. Meanwhile, the patients from countries, where this medicine has not yet been approved, may receive the virotherapy with Rigvir as medical tourists. Currently cancer patients from over 50 countries have already received virotherapy with Rigvir.